An Interview with Model Jordan Woods

Hello everyone.  I have a little treat for your reading pleasure.  I give total credit to Kristine Krupp for this interview with Jordan Woods though, as well as to Rod Hardshell for his added questions.  The initials reflect who is speaking. Hope you enjoy the read.


KK:  Living in London, what do you miss about the US?

JW:  I miss the luxury of the states. You can literally do anything and have anything. In London, there aren’t as many choices.


KK:  What do you experience in London that you’d like to have in the US when you go home?

JW:  The fashion over here is a lot more high fashion and eye-catching. The states need to step up their fashion game. The US market is too centered around fitness models, with the exception of New York.


KK:  What do you hear/read in London abt US politics? Will you be home or #VoteAbsentee in the Nov 8 #PresidentialElection?

JW:  I will not be home to vote. The main things over here are all the drama with Trump. People say they hate America because of him. Everyone abroad supports Hillary. It’s amazing how every country watches the US very closely.


KK:  Did you stay in Paris long enough to get a sense of lifestyle there, versus now living in London? Which do you prefer?

JW:  I stayed a little over 2 weeks. Parisians weren’t the nicest people, but the people in London are much like the US. I feel at home. Plus, London is predominately English speaking, whereas I struggled in Paris with the French.


KK:  What have your agents recommended to take best advantage of TW? Instagram? FB? Other? What most helps your career?

JW:  They always tell me to keep it professional, and don’t post a bunch of pictures that clients wouldn’t like. Instagram is my choice of social media because it’s a photo-based platform.


KK:  What is your favorite shoe brand(s) and style(s)? What shoe size do you wear? Plain or patterned socks? Sockless?

JW:  Well, when I’m training, it’s always Nikes, but for special occasions and casual, I always love wearing Salvatore Ferragamo. Shoe size is 12 US, 11UK. I like shoes that are different and standout. Training, I wear long socks. All other times it’s no show, but I prefer patterned socks. I really like to stand out and be different. It’s not about what you wear, it’s how you wear it.


KK:  What is your favorite suit label and style? What color, fabric?

JW:  I’m a big fan of Tom Ford’s slim-fit suits. I like the way they makes me feel. And you know you’re getting quality.


KK:  Cats seemed drawn to you in India…have you been adopted by any cats or other critters in the UK?

JW:  I loved those cats in India. They were so sweet, and I know they appreciated me. I haven’t found any pet friends in the UK. Yet! But I’m sure my loving personality will attract them🙂


KK:  If you could ask any designer to create clothes for a shoot for you, which designer? What clothes would you request?

JW:  Definitely Tom Ford or Michael Kors. From Tom, I’d want something more elegant (suits and high class). From Michael, I’d want sport/fashion (trendy).


KK:  What is your favorite make, model, and color of car (truck, bike, buggy)? What do you most like about that “vehicle”?

JW:  Definitely Lamborghini. It’s very sophisticated, sporty, fast, technologically advanced, with an incredible body. I love the look of all blacked out cars. It looks mean with a lot of attitude.


KK:  You’ve traveled the world some…where have you not yet been that you’d like to visit? See and do what there?

JW:  I’d absolutely love to go to Venice, Italy. I’ve heard so many amazing stories. Would love to visit the canals and eat the good food. And of course, work in Milan.


KK:  If your portrait were to be painted by any artist, living or dead, who would you ask? What would you like portrayed?

JW:  Michelangelo for sure! I’d love to do an artistic implied nude. I just think the human body is such a beautiful piece of art.


KK:  When you return to the US, where do you hope to live?

JW:  Los Angeles!! It’s my favorite place, and I feel at home there. The lifestyle there is a perfect match for me (fitness, health, entertainment business). I’m a Midwest boy, but I’m a Cali boy at heart.


KK:  Does your mother send you “care package”? [Moms do this, regardless of our ages!] What comes in those packages?

JW:  unfortunately she doesn’t, but I wouldn’t want to give her that hassle. She’s done more than enough for me already.


KK:  From your time in India, are you staying in touch with anyone? Will you get to see/work with them again?

JW:  I stay in touch with my French friend. He and I could relate so much with each other. I don’t talk to anyone else from India.


KK:  Who is your favorite sports figure?

JW:  Lebron James. He’s a man with an amazing talent, and he seems like he’s a good genuine person. He has a good head on his shoulders, and he’s a family man.


RH:  What is the most extreme change to personality, hair, body wt, etc. that you have done to prepare for a photoshoot/role?

JW: I haven’t had to do any big changes yet, so I’m lucky. One time I was at a shoot and was half way through, then the client walked in and said my hair was too long. So I had to redo the whole shoot, and go get my haircut. They paid though. lol


RH: Tell me about what you’re working on now.

JW:  Still developing my modeling side, but I’m really focusing on acting. Can’t say much, but I’ll be working on 2 films next year.


KK:  Do you consider yourself to be a millennial?

JW:  Yes I do. I am very open-minded, and I’m the type that goes for what I want. I didn’t fall into the typical American system that suggests going to college is the only way to be successful. I’m living proof that isn’t always the case. It’s about working hard and focusing on what you want.


KDF:  What would you like to do on a first date?

JW:  I always think dinner and a movie are nice and simple. A nice dinner where you’re able to talk and get to know each other. Then go to a movie and just relax.


KDF:  What do you look for in a friend?

JW:  Shared interests/hobbies. Supportive and caring. It’s hard to friend models because most are selfish and only care for themselves.


KK (question credit to KDF):  Boxers, briefs, or commando?

JW:  Briefs. I used to wear boxers, but they’re too baggy. It’s a pain with boxers when you have to change your clothes a lot. But when I’m sleeping, it’s always in the nude. I can’t sleep with clothes.


Thank you for visiting.  Hope you enjoyed reading and getting to know Mr. Woods a little better.

Thank you Kristine, Rod and especially Mr. Woods for the honor of posting this on my blog.  :)

Until next time.

Karen D Ford


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