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Random thoughts

Sitting here, looking at the screen of my laptop and I rack my brains on what I could possibly write that will be interesting for those of you who actually read this blog.  I know that I have posted Vlogs in my other blog site before, but I have yet to do one in here.  Mainly cause I haven’t a clue how to upload it to here.  but I’m sure I’ll figure it out.

With so much that I really need to get done here, I find myself that I just simply have no energy to get up off my arse and get it done.  Mind you that it’s just a lot of minor things that needs to be put away.  You know, the basic stuff that kids mess up, and of course the constant dogs hair that’s throughout the house.  For a small dog she sure do shed A LOT!!

Another thing I really have to get done is to find or redo my resume.  I seriously need a job.  And to make it work with hubby’s schedule is for me to work nights somewhere else.  And most likely that somewhere else will be WalMart.  My fave place to shop, lol.

I was told a while ago that most of their workers rather days, they can’t get anyone to work nights.  Well, here I am.  I’m willing.  Although I will have one condition – weekends off.  There’s no way I’m working those.  Mainly cause I have two kids that I will want to do things with, and of course my social drinking is on weekends.  Mind you not every weekend I pour one up.  But in case I feel the need for one, I can.

Something else that just popped into my head as I was writing.  Where the hell did July go?  Seriously, it’s the 27th already.  Next thing I’ll be blogging about the kids going back to school.  Albeit, that won’t be long approaching as well.  But I will try to blog more things and more often too.

Oh!  And I have to call up a friend to see if he’s got a part for me in his newest movie he’s filming.  I’ve already been in one of them he’s wrote and had lots of fun too.  Love working with him and the other cast mates.  I only wish I could make it a career.  I love to act.  To pretend that I’m something I’m not and get paid for it, hell yeah.  Unfortunately, I don’t have the slightest clue on who I’d have to contact to get my foot in the door.

I’ve tried before to be a background actor (no lines) for two other films that was being shot here in the city.  But unfortunately, I never did get a call back. *sobs*  I guess I wasn’t what they were looking for.  But I’m hoping that my opportunity will come soon.  *crosses fingers*

Well, I think that’s it for now.  I’m sure as the day goes on, I’ll have more to write about.  Until then, hope you all have a great day.



The number 666 & why it still haunts me.

This blog is due to a tweet that had a dear friend concerned.  It is something that happened to me years ago.  And when I say years ago, I mean when I was 14.  I’m thirty – *muffles under breath* years old now and it’s something that I can never forget.

Dream begins…

I went to a high school dance with a friend and her brother dropped me off to my house.  He pulled into the gas station on the opposite side of my house and drove off.  I looked both ways first, even though this is out in the country really, I didn’t grow up in the city.  But it was always a habit of mine.

Anyway, I looked down the road – nothing, then I looked – still nothing.  So I continued on to cross over.  But just as soon as my foot hit the road, this car came out of nowhere and hit me.  I hit off the hood and went up over the car, landing facing the back.

I guess the driver thought that he had killed me, cause he drove off.  But not before I looked up and seen t eh license plate – SIN 666.  No joke, that was the plate ID.

I just stayed on the ground, until the car was gone.  The type of car was one of those old 80’s station wagons with the silver bar on the roof.  So with the car now gone, I knew what the car looked like, and the plate number, I collapsed.

Dream ended.


But you would think that would be it.  It’s just a dream,, right?  That’s what I thought until about 2 weeks later I was sitting in an arm chair in front of our living room window, watching some TV when I happen to look out and seen this car drive up the road.  But as soon as the front bumper got to where our driveway began, it slowed right down, like a crawl.

Then I noticed the type of car it was.  The same kind from my dream – station wagon.  Now, where it was dark, I couldn’t seen the plate number so I figured, “it’s nothing.”

Until reality hit again…

One day mom and I decided to go shopping, so we headed off.  Once there, and she found a parking place, I noticed a few feet away in another spot in the lot a station wagon.  And wouldn’t you know it, it had the chrome bars on the roof.  Thought to self, *ok, there’s lots of cars made like that, no big deal*.  That was until I seen the license plate number – SIN 666.

I looked around the lot wondering if someone was watching me.  Too scared to tell mom, so didn’t say a word.  The shopping mom and I done that day helped somewhat to forget what I just seen.  So when we got home that day, I vowed to not leave the house on weekends, and especially when any school was having a dance.  I would NOT be going.

I done that for a few weeks until mom asked me to walk to the store for her – at night.  I told her, “not on your life.”  She didn’t understand why I wouldn’t, so I had to tell her.  Not sure what she thought, so not tempting anything, she went. LOL

Would be interesting if any of you reading this has ever had this kind of experience before.  Let me know if you did.

Until next time, XO

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