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Ryan Robbins Singing

Ryan Robbins singing Hallelujah

This video was brought to my attention by a friend who happen to be on twitter at the time of the actual tweet.  This was during filming of Sanctuary and they had some spare time, so Mr. Ryan Robbins picked up his guitar and started playing.  

Thanks to DennyDenn for allowing me to share this with you all as well.  Take a listen and I know you will agree with me that he’s such an amazing and talented person. 

Ryro Unplugged (Hallelujah) from Dennys Ilic on Vimeo.

DRACULA – A Hann-Made Production

To everyone in the St. John’s and vicinity, I am pleased to announce an awesome new production that you will all enjoy watching.


Click to visit Hann Made Productions on FaceBookTowering ominously among the shadows of the Carpathian Mountains, Castle Dracula strikes fear in the hearts of the Transylvania villagers below. After a naive real estate agent succumbs to the will of Count Dracula, the two head to London where the vampire hopes to stroll among respectable society by day and search for potential victims by night.

Directed by Ryan Walsh
Stage Director Angela Record
Produced by Darren Hann

Show Dates

October 27 , 8:00 PM
October 28 , 8:00 PM
October 29 , 2:00 pm and 8:00 pm

$20.00 each

Click to visit Holy Heart TheatreTo purchase tickets please call Holy Heart Theatre at 1-709-579-4424 or online at

Click to visit and follow me on TwitterThanks for popping by and reading my latest post.  Hope to see the place packed.

Until next time.

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