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From Disaster to Fun

June 27th

And it  begins — sort of.

Well you know what they say, if things seem to be going your way, just wait a bit and that will soon change.  Well we got up little after 8am to start our day.  I still had some clothes to pack up, but that wasn’t going to take me that long to do anyway.

After giving the kids their bath, and a quick shower for me and hubby (separately, LOL) we got out breakfast and headed out the door to CostCo.  We needed to refill the propane tank for our camping excursion.  This is when having a semi-good day turned into a massive headache and one of which I wanted a massive stiff drink.

We went to Eastern Health & Community Services to check and see if our cheque for out gas allowance was ready or if it was almost ready.  Well I never wanted to hit someone in all my life then I wanted to do at that moment.  The lady at the front desk, god love her, got hold of the financial one for me.  Good thing she was in a meeting, cause I was fit to be tied.  That was when I was told that the cheque might not be ready till later in the day, if not tomorrow.  TOMORROW!!!!!! ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME???

Not freaking good enough.  Though I guess I can’t totally blame it on her, it was our new social worker who DIDN’T READ OUR FULL FILE!  Yes, you read that right.  She didn’t read our total file.  If she did, she would have read that we get our money in advance, NOT after the fact.  I didn’t want a drink so bad then that moment.

So we left there and went back home to finish packing up.  And to clean up before we actually left.  So while I packed up our suitcase, Paul packed up the camper and the kids helped bring our what they could carry and take it to either the camper or the truck.

But this part might bring a tear to your eye, it did for me.  Denise seen how upsetting it was to me in the truck heading home that we got mishandled with the money that she offered her own money to help us out.  What a sweetheart.  But I told her that ‘that’s your money huni, we’ll be fine.”  She had a bit of a sad face on her, she wanted to help, but I’m not taking from my kids.  Especially when it was the social worker who OVER LOOKED that bit of information.  I mean really.  When one gets assigned a new social worker, are they not supposed to read THE WHOLE FREAKING FILE on a family?  Then that way they KNOW what the hell they are doing??  I’m not going to give names of these people, if they read this at all, they will know who they are anyway.  And I hope to god that their supervisor reads this cause something has got to be changed with this crap.

Anyway, it is now 4:23pm on June 27th (Monday) and we are almost into Gander to have a bit of dinner.  Write more later.


8:36pm and it’s still light outside.  We made it to Notre Dame Provincial Park at 6pm, paid for our nights here and got camper set up.  The kids are having their marshmallows, that will be their lunch before bed tonight.

Gloria brought Brett some chocolate chip cookies, he’s using those to make his s’mores.  That’s being creative, LOL.  The girls (Denise and Cassandra) were in here watching a movie – Lilo & Stitch, until they realized that the marshmallows were opened up.  Out they went, lol, so I figured I’d used this time to type a bit more as to what we done since dinner.

I haven’t bothered to take any pictures today, too late in the day by time we got here.  So I’ll get some pictures tomorrow.  Although we are planning on going to friends house on Wednesday for a BBQ, so I’ll get to upload all my posts as one big blog then.  So I hope you all love reading.  LOL

So until then, hope you are all having an awesome week.  Miss you all bunches, xoxoxo

June 28th.

Hardly slept. Mainly cause of the rain beating down on the camper.  Even though it did sound nice.  It wasn’t raining that hard now mind you, but a scattered shower every now and again.  Plus with some of the bigger drops falling off the nearby trees, made it that much louder.

We, as in hubby and I, woke up at 7:12am.  Least that’s what it said on my cell phone.  Even though the freaking alarm went off at 5am from his watch.  I hope he turns off the alarm for the rest of the week.  But it wasn’t hard to fall back to sleep again, both times.  Woke up for final time at 8:15.  Though, this time, we got up and dressed.  While Paul was making breakfast, I was cleaning up and making up the beds.

Well sort of.  I’m only able to make up Brett’s bunk and ours as we are constantly needing to get at the storage areas under Denise’s bunk.  Which is a royal pain in the arse.  We are honestly thinking of selling this camper, and not bothering with buying another one until Paul retires.  LOL.

Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s awesome to take the kids camping.  But why waste that much money for only one week of the year able to use it.  Yes, Paul gets five weeks holidays, three in June/July and two in Sept/Oct.  We’re almost better off just renting a trailer for a week so we can still take the kids camping.  That or we’ll just say to hell with the actual camping part, and only go to the autism one each year.  One less hassle of having to pack up food for a few days.

But then again, it’s what the kids love.  And the fact that Brett really enjoys the camping part of it.  He’s so accustomed now to the camping, then his autism camp then home, how can we just delete one from that routine?  Besides, it is nice to get out of the city and relax.  No more bullying kids, no more Denise coming home crying cause of this one or that one, it’s just piece and quiet… somewhat.

As much as I love nature, I really hate the nippers.  Though with the fire going last night, it kept some of them away.  I on the other hand, stayed in the camper.  Knowing I was going in the woods and I came away and forgot my benedryl.


Back from shopping for a few things, and wouldn’t you know it, the two things we went out to get was the two things we forgot, LOL.  So now we have to go back out later and pick up some patio lights and medicine for allergies.

Got the furnace turned on in the camper now, I’m freaking cold.  The girls are playing with their new toys on the Denise’s bunk.  So hilarious to listen too, *giggles*.

So while the girls are playing, I thought I’d type a bit more to our daily things.  Now that everyone is kept busy, I’m going to turn on Prince of Persia and get my own wallpaper, *giggles*.

Type more later…

June 29th…

So much for typing later, LOL.  I’d fill you all in as to what we’ve done so far today, but i have to head outside and help mom in-law with kids.  Paul, Mike and dad in-law are off to get some muscles,,, yum.  NOT!!!  Anyway, will write more later and post when we reach the autism camp.

Luv and hugs.



With another year

almost come and gone

With new lives beginning

and others ending…



Springtime the flowers bloom,

with orange, yellow and red’s.

Where the trees awaken

from the wintry sleep.



Summertime brings laughter and play

from the neighborhood kids.

Swimming and camping,

lots of family fun.



The Autumn with the changing leaves,

our Springtime flowers going to sleep.

Temperatures changing yet again,

goodbye to hot, hello to cold.



Now the Winter

is upon us again.

The snow, the cold, the wintry air,

the kids sliding in the snow.


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