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Stolen bike!!!

As if this day isn’t bad enough, the memory of 9/11 and all, now this is also the day that some asshole had the nerve to come on my property and take my daughters bike.  And yes, I an pissed off.  I have every right to be.  This bike was a birthday gift for Denise.  I’ve called the police, posted on twitter and facebook, asking for anyone who can help me locate her bike.  So here’s a pic of her bike that I found on the Walmart.ca website.

Denise's bike

Please help me find it.  There’s a bike for sale on Kijiji for Newfoundland posted today selling for $50.  http://stjohns.kijiji.ca/c-buy-and-sell-bikes-GIRLS-BIKE-W0QQAdIdZ312797893  I already emailed this person so see if they have a pic of it.  If this is her bike, so help me…

I’m going back to twitter,,,


Remembering 9/11

Seeing as today marks 10 years of a very tragic and sad day, I wanted to share what went through my head when I witnessed this on TV.

First of all, Brett was only 3 yrs old when a friend and co-worker of my hubby called me up and asked if I was watching TV.  Specifically the news channel.  I told him “no” and straight away switched the station and put it on our local news channel, NTV.

At first I wasn’t sure what the devil I was watching.  Thought it was a movie.  Cause first thing that it reminded me of was ‘Die Hard’ movies.  I then realized as I was still chatting with him on the phone that this was no movie, this was real life.

My mouth immediately dropped.  “Holy crap” was my reaction.  Although, not long after that, I went from shock to tears flowing down my face in immense sadness.

I was glued to the TV the whole day, only leaving it to feed Brett, and maybe myself.  I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing.  One of the buildings of the Twin Towers was already hit by something and on fire.  Because I missed that initial part of the news, I didn’t have a clue what could have done that.  Until I seen the second Tower get hit.

And my mouth dropped again.  This time I swore, “holy f***”!!!  I just didn’t see that.  What the hell?!  And the tears came again, among the shock of just seeing what happened.  I sat down on the sofa and just had my eyes glued.

And this was all happening in REAL TIME!!!  I mean, I was just sitting there, trying to drink a cuppa tea, and these people were being killed right before my eyes.  Sorry if my words sounded blunt, but right now I have no other way to nice it down.

And then the most shocking thing that I’ll never get out of my head.  People in the higher levels of both towers hanging out their windows, waving for help.  I think in a way they knew that was going to be impossible.  Then the unimaginable happened.  I seen one gentleman actually come out of his window and let himself go.  Well my heart just sank.  Sobbed isn’t the word of the overflowing emotion I went through when I see that.  Honestly, I don’t think I could have mustered enough nerve to do that myself.  But there he was, news cameras in helicopters focused on him as he fell.

So today, I’ll have my cuppa tea, say a pray for the survivors, a toast to the fallen and remember.  I invite you all reading this to please leave a comment as to what you were doing when the world stopped.


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