Christmas Traditions

I guess this post is to see on how many feedbacks I get.  I want to know what your traditions are before, during and after Christmas.  What you do? Who you’re with? It’s my way of seeing how many different ways people celebrate it.

With me and my family, I’m the one who sets up the tree and puts the lights on it.  Though that chore has cut in half as now we have a pre-lit tree.  LOL.  So I set it up, arrange the branches, and the kids go to town and decorate it.  Even Brett joins in, with little assistance from Denise.  She’s awesome with him.

Usually I depend on my mom to make me cookies, I hate baking.  But this year, I want to change things up a bit.  I already started buying ingredients for Denise and I to make some new ones.  Not sure how many of these type we will end up with, but once frozen, we’ll have our own.

And heaven help me if I don’t make the Christmas Rice Krispies squares.  Brett has me drove every year.  Now he can’t actually eat the Rice Krispies, so I make them with his kind of cereal.  He loves them.  Though, this year, I’ll get him to help in making them.  He loves the cooking course he does in school, so why not have him do it here?

Every year on Christmas Eve, we allow the kids to open one present before they go to bed.  The rest are left for Christmas morning.  However, with all the hecticness (yes new word)  in the mornings, hubby and I open ours up on Christmas Eve.  We want to concentrate on the kids more.  Though, eventually I figure that Denise is going to want us to wait till morning with her.  But until then, we’ll do it this way.

Christmas day is for us to sit back, relax, cook a turkey (sorry to all the vegans out there), and watch some Christmas movies that come on TV.  The kids will be off playing with their new toys.  I have yet to figure out what to get them, though you can bet they have already made their lists or circled their wants, LOL.

The hardest is when anyone asks me what I want.  There’s lots of things I’d love to have, but I hate telling people what I want.  Where’s the surprise in that if I know what I’m getting?  Though there’s one gift that I know I’m getting.  There was a commercial for a new WII game.  The Black Eyed Peas Exerperience.  Guess who’s getting it?  LOL.  Yep, MEEEEEEEEEEE !!!!!  I can’t wait to start dancing me arse off.  And no, that wasn’t a grammar or spelling mistake, I wrote that part on purpose. LOL.

But anyway,, let’s start hearing from you all.  What do you do during this time of year?  I’d love to know your traditions.

Until then, XO


5 responses to “Christmas Traditions

  • Baso

    Hi! It is very nice what you ask and i decide to send you a small description.I live in Greece. I don’t know how much you are interest about Christmas time here. So i give a summary. There is a difference that we don’t celebrate the Eve as the rest of Europe or US. We only celebrate the 25th. in the morning, 5.00 we go to church . finish about 7.00 o’clock. Traditionally we eat a soup, mostly from chicken, give strength for the rest of the day. Opening gifts is a new custom the last 15 years about. that why sometimes we open them on New year’s Day, as we used when we were children. We eat traditional cakes or other sweets, made a couple days before and prepare the lunch. Christmas lunch is very rich. Special recipes on cooking beef or pork, or both of them depending how many will be invited. The turkey is also “new”, not Greek traditional menu. In the afternoon we go for a walk, or visiting friends going to them or coming to us.

  • Zomby6

    I tend to run away for Chritmas. While I enjoy setting up the tree and the lights, I don’t really like being around for the church and family lunch part. So I tend to leave on the 23rd and come back home on the 30th. Before I leave though I make sure that the cards have been sent and that I made plenty of sweets for the family. I also pack the presents and hide them so mom can set them out on Christmas eve.

    But this year will be different I’ll probably be home for it. It will be strange but it might be a good day.

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