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Some things are worth the wait.

Yes, I realize that it’s just about the end of January.  But some things are worth the wait I guess.  Although, most likely I’ll take all day to write this post for you all to read anyway.  Well I do have house duties to get done.  I meant to have something written by now.  Especially for New Years day, but life got a tad bit busy.

Now I can set my sights on the countdown to the trip we (hubby and I) are taking in March.  And before some of you ask, no, the kids are staying home.  They still have school so we will have hubby’s parents stay in here with them for that week.

Some updates I want to share.

  1. This weekend I’ll be starting filming in a new fan-made movie based on Star Trek.
  2. Filming more and fun topics on The Sci-Fi Zone webseries.  You can find it on Facebook and Youtube.
  3. I really have to buck down and write the sequel to the story I wrote 3 years ago now.  *facepalm* Has it been that long already?  I’m terrible. *head desk*
  4. And I have loads of books to read.  Besides the stargate ones I bought, I have others that I really need to start at.

I think that’s it for now.  Plus I have some awesome things going on in the land of the convention life.  We have our guests lined up for this year and I’m so excited to meet them all.  I want to give them the best time here so they can go back home and tell their friends, “YOU HAVE TO GO TO SCIFI ON THE ROCK!!!” 🙂

Ok, so this one didn’t take me all day to write, but I thought I’d have more to say.  Maybe in a couple of days I’ll have more things to write about.  Right now I need to get back to what I was doing.  Then again, I might have some things to write about tomorrow.  Seeing as we have our last rehearsal tonight for the Star Trek movie, then it’s filming this weekend.  It’s going to be a “BLAST”, LOL !!

Until then



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