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Scifi on the Rock Fundraiser.


This will be taking place Friday night, Feb. 24th at the Gower Street United Church Auditorium.  The doors will open at 7:30pm as the show starts at 8.

Scifi on the Rock Fundraiser

The tickets are on sale at Downtown Comics, BOOM IT, Timemasters and Kearney’s (Avalon Mall location).  It’s going to be a really fun night.  So come out and help support us.


New Site

I have decide after much debating that I should start up another website solely about The day in the Life of ….  Yes, you got it,, Me.  Some things that I want to blog about is for me and my awesome friends.  And anyone else following me.  Thus I have set up this one just for that reason.

The interviews, news, and TV reviews will remain on here.  As will all future write-ups.  I just needed a place where I can separate the two.  I hope those of you who have set up an email subscription on here will find me interesting enough to do the same for the other one.

Thanks for being here and supporting me in my future projects.  I love you all. XO


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