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The Listener Double Feature

The cast of The Listener

Click to visit CTV.caWelcome back THE LISTENER fans.

Sorry I’m a tad late with my thoughts from last weeks show, “She Sells Sanctuary”, but I hope this will make up for it.

She Sells Sanctuary” was a great episode to show that not all cults out there are as we perceive them.

First we open up with a young girl at a payphone calling her mom wanting to come home.  When she becomes on the missing list, this prompts the IIB to check things out.

The Listener 306 - "She Sells Sanctuary"

Mitch Deerfoot (guest star John Ralston), the leader of a cult-like religious order suspected of kidnapping young women.
Photo by Stephen Scott

Mitch is the creator of Artemis, a sanctuary for teens who want to get away from their families.  Weather they’ve been abused or just don’t feel like they are being understood by their parents, they end up here.  Unfortunately, they are always under watch, or harassed by people who just don’t understand the concept of Artemis.

The Listener 306 - "She Sells Sanctuary"

Mitch Deerfoot (guest star John Ralston) is questioned by Toby Logan (Craig Olejnik) and Sergeant Michelle McCluskey (Lauren Lee Smith).
Photo by Stephen Scott

When Michelle and Toby are granted access inside, they had to leave their cell phones in their car.  No outside “toxins” are permitted inside.  A concept I agree and disagree with.  Although technology does seem to get in the way of experiencing life, some things I would say is a must have.  If I had to, I could do without most things, but I’d have to have my laptop and cellphone.  🙂

The Listener 306 - "She Sells Sanctuary"

Elyse (Rachel Skarsten) and Oz Bey (Ennis Esmer) raid Toby’s fridge.
Photo by Stephen Scott

All the while the investigation is going on, stuff is happening with Oz and Elyse.  Which got me to thinking, “Oz, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?”  I commend him for holding on until Sandy came home.  Yes I understand he’s not sure when, but when Sandy (Tara Spencer-Nairn) do come home, how will he deal with the situation?  Of course Toby was no help.  But I’m not sure why Oz just couldn’t tell Elyse that he’s taken?  Shame on you Oz.  #TeamSandy.

The Listener 306 - "She Sells Sanctuary"

Kidnapping victim Fawn Georges (guest star Katie Boland).
Photo by Stephen Scott

After Fawn is released from the hospital, she returns to Artemis with Ben (Adam Butcher).  He’s only been at the sanctuary for six months.  Although something doesn’t feel right with this guy for sure, and in the episode, we find out why.  He’s been the one behind the missing girls in another city.

The Listener 306 - "She Sells Sanctuary"

Sergeant Michelle McCluskey (Lauren Lee Smith) and Toby Logan (Craig Olejnik) scour a barn for clues.
Photo by Stephen Scott

This prompts Michelle and Toby to question some of the Artemis members.  It’s during this is when Toby starts get a sense that the culprit has done it again, causing Toby to get some sort of images in his head.  Mitch informs them of an old barn not far from them.  Michelle and Toby heads straight for it.

As they do their initial sweep of the place, Toby informs Michelle that they are in the right place.  Summoning the images again, Toby sees something out of place.  A hatch in the floor leading to God knows where.

The Listener 306 - "She Sells Sanctuary"

Toby Logan (Craig Olejnik) finds an underground tunnel.
Photo by Stephen Scott

After the initial sweep of the tunnels, Toby went back inside and found the doorway (as it were) to where they would find Fawn.  He beat open the cage-like door and found the room where Ben was hiding out.  He was all ready to preform a ritual on Fawn to “relieve her from her suffering” but Toby was able to talk him out of it.  Ben gently put Fawn in Toby’s arms.  After Toby was outside, the medics along with Michelle went to his aid.  Michelle went back inside, with backup, and arrested Ben.  *Deep sigh of relief*  She’s safe. 🙂

Well, I hope you enjoyed the read so far.  Now onto the next one. 🙂

Poisoned Minds” was an interesting one at that.  With adultery, blackmail and murder, this one had a bit of it all.

The Listener 307 Poisoned Minds

CEO Jeffery Brandt (Judah Katz) dies suddenly of poisoning. Photo by Stephen Scott.

I think this is the shortest roles I’ve seen on TV.  Here one minute, gone the next.  Though, this episode had a few familiar faces that caught my eyes.  Barclay Hope for one of them.  I’m still trying to figure out his character.  Albeit, he was having an affair with Jeffery’s wife.  But it turned out that he was only using her.  I guess you can never tell with men when they are on the top of a huge company.  Some of then are power hungry that they don’t care who they step on to get to the top.

The Listener 307 Poisoned Minds

CEO Jeffrey Brandt (Judah Katz) and Christa (Sandrine Holt) argue. Photo by Stephen Scott.

Prior to her boss’s death, Christa had an argument with the CEO about the money, the medication, but mainly about Thomas.  Thomas’ demeanor, considering the numbers of people who had gotten sick or died because of their product, made her uneasy.  It seemed that all he cared about was the money.  She was trying to convince him that Thomas had to go.

Klein has a few words with Christa about the circumstances of her boss’s death.  Something just doesn’t add up with him.  Throughout this episode you can tell that she’s covering up something.  But what was the question.  It all comes clear at the end where the pieces started to come together.  That it was her who poisoned the wine.  Unfortunately, she wasn’t expecting Jeffery to drink it.  It was meant for Thomas (Barclay Hope).

The Listener 307 Poisoned Minds

Michelle (Lauren Lee Smith) and Toby (Craig Olejnik) question Christa about the death of her boss. Photo by Shane Mahood

The Listener 307 Poisoned Minds

Toby (Craig Olejnik) and Michelle (Lauren Lee Smith) question Christa (Sandrine Holt, centre) about the death of her boss. Photo by Shane Mahood.

A few times Toby and Michelle had to go see Christa and question her on new information that would come their way.  Hoping she would shed some light on a few things turned out to be a task in itself.  It was as if she was covering for someone.  Christa really gave them a run for the money as it were.  Her one downfall was her background in computers.  Gotta hand it to Dev (Rainbow Sun Francks) for being smarter then Christa was.

In the end, she admitted to tampering with the wine bottle.  But her target wasn’t Jeffery who she told them was her mentor, but it was meant for Thomas.  He knew that the medicine that they managed to get approved by the Medical Corporation (forgive me if I can’t remember the exact name) had a severe side effect – death.

The Listener 307 Poisoned Minds

Toby (Craig Olejnik) and Michelle (Lauren Lee Smith). Photo by Stephen Scott

They end up at Charlie Enzo’s home (Maxwell McCabe-Lokos).  And by the looks of it, living way above his usual means.  He’s been one of the many victims of the drug that was introduced from the pharmaceutical company.  But money got the better with him and he dropped out of the lawsuit.

I like how these two look paired up.  Toby is starting to fit in and figure out just how things work at the IIB.  Though, I like how Klien goes to Toby and tells him that some things can be dong unofficially.  Giving Toby the idea of anonymously deliver some papers to a family affected by the medication, to make their court battles turn in their favor.  Way to go Toby!!!

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But before I go, here’s three teaser clips of Wednesday nights episode – Now You See Him.  Enjoy.


The Listener’s “She Sells Sanctuary” Clip 2

Don’t forget that tonight is THE LISTENER night and here’s another sneak peek to this week’s episode – “She Sells Sanctuary”.  Hope you enjoy.

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