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My Interview with Mr. Nicholas Treeshin & LEAVE US ALONE Insight

Recently I have been given the opportunity to interview someone who’s no stranger to the TV and Film Industry.  Who you may ask?  Well it’s none other then Mr. Nicholas Treeshin.

Leave Us Alone onesheetThe name of the film is LEAVE US ALONE.  The trailer alone will get your attention, it did for me when I was given the website by mutual friend of ours.  I’ll have the trailer at the end of the interview.

I will let this interview and the trailer reel you in.  And on that note, here’s my interview.  I hope you enjoy.

KF:  How did you get the idea for this project?

NT:  I’ve had this story in the back of my mind for many years now. Growing up in the Canadian prairies I always had a fascination with wide open spaces. Even though farmland can look so beautiful and serene in pictures, when you’re walking alone on a large piece of land it can be very scary. If someone wanted to dispose of something or hide something, a large farm in the middle of nowhere would be a perfect place to do it. Additionally, I’ve always been a fan of science fiction. When you look up at the stars from a farmer’s field on a moonless summer night, the sky comes alive. You can’t experience the bright sky like that from the city. If we ever make contact with travelers from another world, I’m more interested in the personal side of the story. We’ve seen so many times before the image of a spacecraft landing on the Whitehouse lawn; I’m more interested in a story where the FBI and the men in black suits don’t turn up. Making a deal with someone not of this Earth is almost like making a deal with the Devil…it’s always a gamble.

 KF:  Will this movie be available to purchase?

NT:  As of right now we’re heading into our film festival run (our LA premiere is at Screamfest this year) so we’re looking to build interest and share our film with audiences in a personal way for the time being, but in the not too distant future my producers and I will be shopping the film for distribution, so I’ll let you know when and where it becomes available.

KF:  Did you already know who you wanted to play each character?

NT:  No. I had such a clear idea of who the characters were that when we cast the film I could tell right away who was the right choice. The casting director Stuart Aikins brought in excellent actors for each role, and when Leah (Gibson) walked into the room I knew we had our Sam. After only a few lines I knew she was perfect. She got the character instantly, and balanced the carefree and serious sides to her character perfectly. Phil Granger who played the Sheriff was actually cast off of his demo reel. I knew right away he was our guy. He combines his role of authority with a gentle nature, and was the perfect foil for Sam. Their chemistry together was wonderful to watch.

KF:  How long was the writing process for making this film?

NT:  Once I had the initial concept, and committed to a short film format, it took me 2 months to write. I’ve written features before, and funny enough, this short was the most difficult thing I’ve ever written. Getting the tone right, and making sure each word earned it’s way into the script was a battle. Good sci-fi short stories always seem to give you just enough of the tale to let your imagination fill in the blanks, and that’s what I wanted to do here, write something that keeps the audience engaged. I think sci-fi fans make very smart audiences, and I feel good sci-fi films should respect that.

KF:  What advice would you give someone wanting to get into this form of the entertainment business?

NT:  Write. Write. Write. Film. Film. Film. You learn by doing. Start small. Write a 5 page story (something simple/something you know), grab a digital camera, get your friends to be in it, edit it on a laptop, get a friend who plays an instrument to do the music for it, and make a film that’s all you. All the gear that you need to make a film is readily available these days. The key is to practice. Write, direct, and edit many films to hone your craft. Once you feel like you have something that you’re proud of, start showing people and get their feedback. If you like TV try to get a job in TV, if you like film, try to get a job in film. The key is to hone your craft and be working around other people in the industry that inspire you and that one day may take notice of your work. If you want to be a golf pro you should work at a golf course, if you want to make French pastry you should probably work in a bakery, same goes for film.

KF:  Who is/was your biggest supporter?

NT:  That would be my wife. She believed in me when no one else did and that kept me positive. It’s a tough road to travel when no one will give you a job, and no one will read your scripts, so if you have one person that supports you consider yourself lucky. Never give up, ever.

KF:  From all the other movies and TV shows you’ve been a part of,, was this the most challenging to accomplish?

NT:  Yes. It’s the most ambitious project I’ve ever taken on, and we didn’t have any money to do it, well…aside from feeding the crew, paying for insurance, and the odd rental here and there. I owe a lot to my producers Hayden Baptiste and Rodney Davidson from Wandering Worx Films. They believed in my vision and helped make it happen. That’s what makes an excellent producer, someone who supports the director’s vision, orchestrates everything from pre-production, to shooting, to the final output, making sure everything is taken care of, organized, on time, and on budget. Haha, we didn’t have a budget which made their job even tougher. I can’t thank them enough, and hope to work with them again in the very near future.

KF:  How long did it take to film ‘Leave Us Alone’?

NT:  We shot the film in 3 and a half days.

KF:  And how did it get its name?

A: Great question. I find naming films a tricky business. You don’t want something that’s too on the nose or too esoteric. For me, the title “Leave Us Alone” explains how Sam feels, how her grandfather felt, and how the so-called travellers feel. But, when someone tells you to leave them alone what happens? Usually we can’t help ourselves and we end up bugging them. It’s in human nature to be curious, and as the old saying goes, “curiosity killed the cat.” You’ll have to see the film to see just how dangerous curiosity can be.

KF:  If you could describe in one word about everyone involved with this short film, what would it be?

NT:  If you’re asking me to describe in one word the people involved in making this film it would be “passionate”. Nothing would have been done if it weren’t for everyone’s passion in the project and in the story.

KF:  With the challenges of writing a script, have you ever thought of writing a book?

NT:  I’ve thought of writing a book many times, but because my first love is film I always gravitate to writing screenplays. It’s not that a book can’t be visual, they’re more visual in my opinion, it’s just that my brain works in a way where I tell stories through cinematic convention. A pan, a tilt, a rack focus…these are all crafted manoeuvres, you could call them tools, used to tell stories in the film world. It’s how I think when I write or tell a story, so screenplays are where my stories live…for now.

KF:  Is there someone who you have never worked with yet who you would love to?

NT:  As a writer director I have many idols, and people I’d like to meet, but if it were someone I were to collaborate with I’d have to say at the moment I find Neill Blomkamp to be the leader in quality science fiction. I know he’s a writer director himself, but because of his intelligence, attention to detail, insane visual effects knowledge, passion for stories that matter, and his fun genre-style way of shooting, I could see him being an excellent collaborator. He’s so versed in so many aspects of film-making, and has such clear ideas and opinions that I feel he’d be an amazing ally when developing or making a film.

KF:  Do you have any other short films in the works?

NT:  I have a feature film project that’s in the works but I’m not talking about it just yet.

KF:  What has this experience taught you about yourself?

NT:  This experience has taught me that it’s important to take the time to refine your script to the point where you love every word. If it doesn’t work on the page it rarely works on set. Make sure to surround yourself with great people, as they will help you make your film the best it can be. Always go with your gut. If you know you didn’t get the performance in 6 takes, make sure you go a 7th, an 8th, whatever…until you get it right. It takes so much time and effort to get you to that point of shooting your film that you need to make sure you get it right and that you’re satisfied. I was shooting a scene for a TV show once and our wireless monitors went down. The scene had a whole bunch of kids that had to run over to a bunch of cupcakes and dive in and start eating. The sun was going down, we were losing the light, and I didn’t feel like we got the shot I needed. The DOP looked at me dead in the eye and said, “we got it.” But I wasn’t sure we did. I trusted him, and went against my gut, and sure enough in the edit suite a few days later I saw that he didn’t get the shot. It’s not the DOP, the sound man, or the actors in the edit suite, it’s you…the director, and it’s your responsibility to get the shot. I learned a good lesson that day and every day I’m working, and that’s to always trust your gut. During Leave Us Alone there was a similar situation where the sun was going down, and a beautiful wide shot that I wanted was looking like it was going to get scratched. The co-producer Riley Walsh came over to me and said, “Are you sure, we’re here, let’s make time and get the shot.” I’m so glad he said that because it was important that we did, and my gut was hungry for that shot. We got it, and it’s one of the iconic shots of the film. Such a good lesson, trust your gut and surround yourself with good people. Thanks Riley.

KF:  I wish to thank you for this opportunity to help promote this great film. If fans wish to contact you, is there an address where they can reach you?

NT:  My twitter is fine. @NTreeshin

KF:  Again, thank you for this opportunity.

NT:  It was my pleasure. All the best.

Here are some BTS pictures thanks to Mr. Treeshin, with the movie trailer to follow.

Leave Us Alone - BTS

Thank you for popping by IN THE KNOW.  I hope you enjoyed reading about this awesome new film.  And a big thank you for Mr. Treeshin for taking the time to answer some questions.  Good luck and much success with all your future projects.

I would also like to thank a friend of mine, Brian McCaig, for giving me the heads up about this great film.  Much success to everyone involved.  I can’t wait to see for myself. 🙂

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Until next time.

Karen Ford.


Exclusive Interview with the Amazing Alaina Huffman

Welcome back everyone.  I’ve got a big treat for you all this time.

Alaina Huffman as Lt. Tamara Johansen on SGUThis next lady is no stranger for us scifi fans, especially those of us loving Stargate as we do.  She was 1st Lt. Tamara Johansen from Stargate Universe, but her talents doesn’t stop there.  She was also Black Canary on Smallville.  And off screen, she’s a dedicated mom and creator of Agent Mom.  In my opinion, she’s an awesome role model. 🙂

And for those of you who are big NCIS fans, she will be guest staring on Tuesday’s episode of NCIS Los Angeles.  I know I’ll be circling May 8th for sure to see Ms. Huffman in action.

And for all you convention goers, she will be in London for “Starfury” May 9th – 13th.  And in Detroit Motor City ComicCon May 18th – 20th.  Pop by and say heya.

So now on to the reason why you’re all here,,

KF:  First of all, Thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions.  I know you’re a busy lady with Agent Mom, which by the way, congratulations.  How has it been doing? Will it be in an actual comic book form for people to buy?

AH:  Thank you… Agent Mom has been a fun project. We were able to get a great team together including Tony Lee as the writer. He really took our ideas and characters and made the whole thing come to life.  It is currently available on MTV comics at  Check it out 😉

KF:  Did you ever think that you would get the compliments back as you’ve been getting?

AH:  We are very proud of the Agent Mom series and thankful for the positive feedback. We’ve got a great team so it’s not surprising that it all came together.

KF:  What else is in store for us fans? What other projects are you getting involved in?

Alaina HuffmanAH:  I have an episode of NCIS Los Angeles airing May 8th. And a couple of movies I am attached to that are currently in development. Both are amazing scripts with great characters for me to play, the producers are just doing there thing and hopefully we will get to make these movies this summer.

KF:  Have you done any directing? Would you love to get in that part of the business?

AH:  I have not directed anything, at this time in my life/career I don’t have much interest. Often times when you are a part of a long running series there are opportunities to direct and if that happens I would take the offer but it’s not something I am perusing… It’s a big job and it takes a lot of commitment and I have a very full home life.

KF:  Who is / was your biggest influence on where you are today?

AH:  I love Meryl Streep, Sophie’s Choice is one of my favorite movies. Kate Winslet, Cate Blanchett, Al Pichino, Morgan Freeman, Charlize Theron… I could go on and on… 

KF:  With your family growing, how far away will you go for a job?

AH:  Is Mars offering good tax incentives? I’ll go anywhere anytime! I always take my family with me… We do have kids in school but I don’t see that as an obstacle. Both John and I moved/travelled a lot growing up and we both credit our success in part to that. Sheesh I homeschooled myself thru part of high school while living over seas via FedEx! Now we have computers/iPads/Skype…. I always see travel as an opportunity for education. I actually have more time than one would think. Most of the time while working I only work about 3 days a week. Lots of time… Plus if we are in a hotel I don’t have to clean;-) lots more time. Hahaha

KF:  Do you have limitations as to the role you will play?

AH:  No limitations. If the script is solid and it’s a story I think I can tell then I’m in.

KF:  Are there any charities you support?

Alaina HuffmanAH:  We as a family choose a different charity each year to support. This year for Christmas we adopted a local family that was similar to ours in size so our kids got to pick out gifts for the kids and we delivered groceries for a complete Christmas eve and day experience.  Elijah and Hanna both have birthdays at the end of May. They both want a big pool party this year so in Lieu of gifts Hanna would like donations to our local animal shelter and Elijah has chosen a children’s home in India we have supported in the past

KF:  Let’s get into some of your favorites now.  Color?

AH:  I love the color green, pale greens in particular. I feel green is fresh and rejuvenating while very calming… If that makes sense 😉

KF:  Restaurant?

AH:  My favorite food is Lebanese, there is a spot we love in town. We have a wonderful friend who is Lebanese, he passed away a few years ago… I miss our food dates. He use to call me and tell us to come over and he’d cook for us all day… It was wonderful. Good memories 😉

KF:  Vacation spot?

AH:  We try to make a vacation out of all opportunities. But I don’t feel like its a vacation without a beach 😉 I recently read that it’s not a vacation if you are bringing kids… That’s a trip. Gonna work on that one 😉

KF:  Junk food?

AH:  Ice cream 😉 I love moose tracks ice cream. Dark chocolate and fried zucchini… But not all together.

KF:  Music?

AH:  I love hip hop, I love how the genre of hip hop has evolved since the late 80’s and 90’s and I love it all. My favorite artist is Michael Jackson, I love the Gap band… I named Charley after Charlie Wilson from the gap band… Hahaha.  John thinks that is the funniest thing ever. He was at an event with Charlie Wilson a couple months ago and told him all about my crush on him and that we named our daughter after him… It didn’t phase him much 😉 aaaaa the life of a musician, I am sure he’s heard it all.

KF:  Movie?

AH:  There are so many great movies…  I mentioned already Sophie’s choice, I loved “The Help” … There are so many I can never just list them… I always look back and say “oh I should have said this…” but I remember watching “Annie” when I was little and when Annie goes to the movies to see “Camille” with Greta Garbo, they show her death scene and I think that is the moment I knew I wanted to be an actor… So I love Annie and Camille too.

KF:  TV show?

AH:  Right now I am into Game of Thrones… Please hire me 😉 I loved Big love, True Blood, Lost, Modern family. I have so many shows to catch up on… I am looking forward to summer and iTunes 😉 usually I get no say the kids take over apple TV and Netflix, the kids love “shake it up” and John loves watching sports and “lock up” so I try to make it a character study for me… Now I just have to land a job as a criminal 😉 

KF:  Book?

AH:  I think my favorite book is Angels and demons… I like Dan Brown. I like series of books, like the shopaholic series… They were fun. Hunger Games, I am waiting for Elijah to read Harry Potter with him, I am thinking this summer…I read a lot of health/nutrition books… It always fascinates me how vast nutrition is. I am currently reading more spiritual books, Eckhart Tolle  “A New Earth”, Deepak Chopra “The book of secrets”… I also read at least 3 scripts a week. I love scripts… I love reading it and then seeing it brought to life… Even if they didn’t hire me 😉

KF:  If you weren’t an actress, what job would you see yourself doing?

Alaina HuffmanAH:  As I tell my agent, I have a full time job with a great hobby. I am a mom, I do lots of laundry, dishes, mopping, home work help and of course cuddling, puzzles, story time etc.  As I mentioned I read lots of health and nutrition books… I guess I would do something in the health/fitness arena… But maybe not… I started my career at 13 as a model and haven’t done anything outside of the entertainment industry so it’s hard to say.

KF:  What would your dream role be?

AH:  I want to do it all! There is no “Dream Role” I love big epic dramas, I wanna wear fancy hair pieces and trudge around in the mud, then shoot a romantic comedy… No limits.

KF:  David Blue prides himself into introducing the SGU cast to Twitter.  What was your initial thought?  What is your favorite thing about twitter?

Click to visit & follow Alaina Huffman on TwitterAH:  Lol David does take credit for introducing us to twitter… Funny enough I actually joined twitter one day before him, 4 months before we met. I started using twitter during the 2008 US presidential elections. I just don’t use it as much as him 😉 I like twitter, I think it is a great tool for social media which is so necessary these days. That being said it takes time and as a mother of 4, I don’t have a lot of time when I am not working… Ironically I have more time when I work 😉 usually it means I have some kind of help even if its my husband pitching in a little more than usual or an occasional babysitter but mostly it means I sit in my trailer a few hours each day…. Ahhhhh I love working 😉 so I think twitter is fantastic. For the most part the people I talk with are lovely… But I have spoken to a few people who are very pleasant and then I see their same screen name or image talking shit on a message board somewhere else and that is what it is.

KF:  You have been going to a nice few conventions lately.  What’s the best thing you take away from each one?  Which one is the most memorable?

AH:  I love the conventions, the fans are always so great. It’s amazing that I see some people at multiple conventions on different continents! That’s dedication! I am so honored to be apart of this genre for this reason alone.

KF:  Who was your role model to becoming an actress?

AH:  As I mentioned above… Greta Garbo in “Camille” in “Annie”.

KF:  Have you ever had any weird / funny experience or encounter with a fan?

AH:  I mentioned this on twitter not too long ago, I was out for pizza and Gelato with all my kids, I was wearing my SGU hoodie, it says SGU very small in grey on the back bottom of my grey hoodie… You can barley see it but this guy walks in and sees it… He’s like “did you work on that show” I said “what show” (forgetting about my sweater) he says SGU… I said “yes I did”… He goes on and raves about how great it was, and the cast was amazing, he’s so bummed it was cancelled etc etc. Had no clue who I was 😉 lol… In fairness I had no make up on (which I never really did on the show either) and of course my hair is now red… Lol I wonder if he ever figured it out.

KF:  These next two questions comes from a friend of mine, Sharon.  You know her as @punkersternubbin on Twitter.  What show, past or present would you have loved to have done or do?

AH:  @punkersternubbin thanks for the question… Sorry for the late reply 😉 I would have loved to work on Greys Anatomy… I actually came very close to a 7 episode arch, I met with everyone etc but I think the character just went away. That happens a lot. So many movies almost get made… So many times they have ideas for characters and then they just don’t happen… As I already mentioned I would love to work on “Game of Thrones”… I would love to do an episode of “Law and Order” it’s my parents favorite show… They would really think I’m successful then 😉

And…  When you get spare time, what do you do?

AH:  Oh spare time… Where are you? 😉  I do make time for myself each day, I go to the gym everyday, they have child care…I like to run, I need to run… It clears my head, I love to feel my body working. I think it’s important for moms to take care of themselves. I love the beach, yoga on the beach… Reading out by my pool, going to movies, date nights with my husband, scrap booking,  But honestly if I know I have 30 minutes…. I sleep 😉

KF:  To conclude the interview, is there a message you would like to say to your fans?

Alaina Huffman as Black Canary from SmallvilleAH:  I would like to take a moment to thank all the fans who gave SGU a shot … All the DC/Smallville/Black Canary fans who stuck with the show for such a long time. It’s such an honor to go to work each day, do what we love and have it received by you all. Thank you so much! Xo Alaina

Thank you all for popping by to read this interview.  And a big thank you for Ms. Huffman for taking the time to answer them.  You are one remarkable young lady.  This has been an honor.

Now don’t forget, she’s going to be in London, UK from the 9th to the 13th for the Starfury convention.  Then on the 18th she will be in Detroit for the Motor City ComicCon.  So if you’re out and about, please pop by and see this very talented woman.  And don’t forget to circle your calendars for tomorrow night to see her on NCIS: Los Angeles (check local listings).

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