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One Rockin’ Scifi convention EVER!!!!

When someone asks me what is my favorite part of this convention, I always find it hard to answer. There’s just so much going on that it’s hard to just point out one thing. I guess what I like the most is the fact that there’s so many diversities to accommodate to everyone. Weather it’s the actors that lure you in, or the gaming, or the artists. There’s everything for everybody.

Here’s some pictures I was able to get on the last day of the convention, Sunday, April 22nd.Timemasters at Scifi on the Rock 6Timemasters at Scifi on the Rock 6

This is one of my favorites this year. They had the most awesome things made out of chainmaille and all done by hand too. She’s awesome.Handmade Chainmaille, Jewellery, Art and MoreSilver Haunt - Handmade Chainmaille, Jewelery, Art and More

Buddytoad CollectiblesBuddytoad Collectibles

Then we have the Artist Alley.  This is where most of the artist, authors and everyone in between were located.  It was downstairs of the Holiday Inn.Artist Room

AbbyShot was also there again this year with awesome convention deals.  This is where I got my Martha jacket from the Doctor Who series.  And I love the jacket  too.  I’ve made a suggestion about some Sanctuary jackets, especially the kids worn by Ms. Amanda Tapping as Helen Magnus.  But for them to produce them, they need a big enough request for it.  So if you all want to wear clothes like Dr. Magnus, then go here and put in your suggestions.

Next year, the Convention is happening on April 26th – 28th.  Planning for this one is underway now and it’s going to be awesome.  Though, I’m not really sure how we can top this one, but we seem to pull it off every year.  I think we brought in about 2000 people this time.  Though, don’t quote me just yet.

I didn’t get to do as much in past years as I was seeing to the needs of one of our guests this year, Mr. Peter Roy.  He was fun to chat with.  And I did get to take him out of the hotel for a bit of sightseeing.  I hope he returns for another visit.

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Scifi on the Rock Fundraiser.


This will be taking place Friday night, Feb. 24th at the Gower Street United Church Auditorium.  The doors will open at 7:30pm as the show starts at 8.

Scifi on the Rock Fundraiser

The tickets are on sale at Downtown Comics, BOOM IT, Timemasters and Kearney’s (Avalon Mall location).  It’s going to be a really fun night.  So come out and help support us.

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