My Tribute

My Grandmother
She would light up a room
with a simple smile.
She would cheer you up
when you’re feeling down.
She would make you laugh
with a silly face.
She would make you love her
when saying nothing at all.
She is my Grandmother
who I love and adore.
I wish she didn’t have to leave us,
because I want more.
I miss her, you see,
as any granddaughter should.
And I know she would be here,
if only she could.
I wish she could have seen
my children when they were born.
But I know she’ll be around,
to keep them from harm.
I love you Nan
and I miss you much.
But I know you’re here with me,
it’s just a hunch.
So, I’ll talk to you later,
even if it is in my dreams.
At least that’s one place,
You’ll always be seen.

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