Time Flew!!!

OK, WTH???

Where the devil did the time go? It only felt like yesterday that the kids were starting school, and here they are just about to finish

It’s only next week and they are done with school until September.  Though, Denise will be going to grade 3 and Brett in grade 8.  Well holy hannah!!!

Plus during our camping trip, Denise will be turning 8.  EIGHT!!!!!!  When did she grow up???  So I guess this is as good of time as ever to just give you all a heads up that I will be posting in here for our daily excursions while we are away.

OH, and I’m also working on some things as well.  Dealing with Scifi on the Rock.  Yes, I am officially on the committee team for the convention.  And just wait till I tell ya who’s coming…. *giggles*

So until then, I’ll have to sign off. Yes I am that evil to leave you hanging as to who is coming for April 2012!!!!!!! But I can guarantee, you will be very excited. Teeheehee…


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