Camping Fun Continues…

Let’s continue…

June 29th

Today was the only day that we were able to actually do anything besides stay in the camper. With the weather being suckish since we’ve been here, it was quite a nice change to see the sun every once in a while. Mind you it was still cloudy, but least it wasn’t raining.

We were also invited to friends house for a BBQ for that evening. But needing to do a touch-up shopping (I had to get a gift bag for Denise’s birthday gifts), plus I got card for Brett to give her too along with a gift. Denise loves collecting those TY stuffed toys, the other day she got a cat named Pepper. But she also seen a pink poodle one named Princess, so choosing the cat, I got her the dog for Brett to give her. What a surprise she will get. Plus I got her two other ones from us. I know, I know, I’m a sap when it comes to that sort of thing. LOL.

This message is for a friend who was visiting while here in April, yes, we forgot it. *facepalm* I know, I know, this is what I get for not double checking before leaving the house. And in actual fact, it was Paul who remembered it when we were way way out-of-town. So she’s going to have to get her gift when she gets home.

Anyway, we done out light shopping, and headed off to visit with family, on hubby’s side. But they weren’t home, so we went on to our friends house. He’s got a bakery set up in a part of his basement. They call themselves Beyond Bread. Not sure if they have a website, will have to ask next time we call them up but I wish them much success with it.

We had a great meal, fish-n-chips, salads (one Tina made, the other I done), and dessert. Of course we helped clean up then the boys lit their backyard fire pit. Then the kids had their fill of roasted marshmallows and wieners.

By the time we got back, was just enough time to get kids in bed as it was way past their usual bedtime. Especially for Brett. As soon as he was done his dinner he wanted back to the camper, lol.

Well it didn’t take long for the kids to fall asleep, so we sat by the campfire and watched the flame and enjoy the heat. Then I got trigger happy with the camera and started taking pictures, left, right and center, lol. Until we noticed the time. Whoops. Good night.

June 30th

Which leads me to today. Got woken up at about 5am by a little person having an accident. Big whoops. Managed to get her changed from that, and wrapped into other blankets we had with us. Got back into bunk and went back to sleep again. Although, we were supposed to have gotten the in-laws up that morning as we can get an early start on the day.

But cause we had that early interruption, we didn’t get up until one minute to 9am!!!!!! Another whoops. So we got up, got breakfast, took denise’s sleeping bag up to get washed and dried before actually heading out, and blah blah blah….

Anyway, I started clearing away all the stuff from this morning, and Paul walked up to the Comfort Stop (bathrooms and laundry room) to check on the sleeping bag.

With the gutting and cleaning, folding and putting away, sweeping and such, (OH CINDERELLA! LMAO, joking) we were soon on our way of leaving Notre Dame camp grounds.


Well we got to Lions Max Simms camp and other than the usual workers there, we were the first campers to arrive. Well us and the in-laws. So while the kids went off to go play, I helped out a bit at the camper, getting it set up, then I quickly went inside and went to their laundry room. Needed to get some things washed up from Notre Dame.

After tossing in first load into the washer, I headed back outside again and helped set up the camper and get the inside straightened away.  Mainly the beds for sleeping in.

Though, with today being Thursday, and not many people shows up, we just relaxed a bit and let the kids play.  Albeit, it was mainly all inside, as it was raining when we got there.

I decided to get out the iPod and try to get a connection.  Didn’t work.  Apparently you have to stay inside the building to be able to be online.  Even just stepping outside the door will disconnect you.  Oh well, not much odds.  With the weather being cold and damp, staying inside was the better choice anyway.

After a few hours, a few more people started to arrive.  That’s when we met up with couple of main cooks there and asked about a cake for Denise for tomorrow, July 1st.  Not only was it Canada Day, but it was her birthday.  And with nothing being open, we needed a cake.  So if they weren’t able to do it, we’d have to go to Bishop Falls to get her one.

Luckily they always have a cake on hand in case there’s someone at camp with a birthday for that month.  So far, we only knew of two, Denise and another child.

Fast forwarding a few hours…

Things were starting to unwind now.  With the families that arrived for tonight, which wasn’t many, it was a lovely way to end the day.

Friday, July 1st

Well today is Denise’s birthday.  She’s now 8.  Hold on a second.  *thinks* Eight?? Where the devil did the time go?  I’m too young to have an 8 yr old.  Let alone a 13 yr old.  LOL.

More and more families were starting to come in.  Friday is the usual day when we get everyone who’s coming to camp to show up.  Of course you know we had the in-laws here, along with our niece, but this year my parents was coming as well.  This was their first time to our camp.  Which for me, I think was a good experience for them.  Mainly to see the differences from each child with autism.  And how each of us parents tackle it.

What was the most awesome part though is that we had two new families come.  I love that part of it, seeing new faces, making new friends, talking about our journeys.  We all share a common bond, and that in itself is what makes us all connected in some way.  With a new family coming to camp, we get to welcome them to a much bigger family.  One that I am so proud to be apart of, albeit, insane at times, but still great nonetheless.

With the schedule posted up on the board of what we can look forward too for the day, and yes, I have to confess, I kept my iPod handy so I could tweet some things to friends who wanted to keep updated on things.  Although the connection was limited as to where in the building you were.  And no connection whatsoever outside, but I made do.

We had crafts, then lunch, then,,,, um,,,,, maybe I should have taken a pic of the schedule, LOL.  Next year I will, lol.

It wasn’t until after dinner (supper for some of us Newfies) that we had the cake.  There were three kids names on it, so all three of them were called up to blow out the candles.  Denise loved this part, but it’s what she done next is what made me really proud of her.

After the candles were blown out, the ladies took it back in the kitchen to cut it up and put them on their individual plates.  Well Denise helped take the cake around and asked who wanted a piece.  Now how sweet is that.  Her very birthday, when usually she gets tended on, she was serving cake to everyone in the room.

Yes, I have a big grin on my face as I write this.  Who wouldn’t?

Anyway, I won’t bore you all with every detail of what we done at camp, but just know that the kids had a ball.

Though, seeing as this was Friday, that night was my debut at being the camp DJ.  I was the DJ last year as well, but with the songs I had, thank goodness for Matt and his laptop.  He had the songs that they usually listen too.  My songs are more for the younger ones today – dance tunes, LOL.

So with that being known from last year, I started making a list of songs I’d need for this year.  And I managed to get them – sort of.  And the party began.  I had the best time being DJ for the camp.  Made me feel important, that people were looking to me for a good time.  Though, there’s still some songs I’m missing, but tend to get it taken care of for next year.

The only thing I need to do is to have the songs I need for both the kids party and adult, listen through them, delete the ones with bad language (had to do that a few times actually, *facepalm* whoops) and add in songs to be shuffled automatically.  Least then, I can set it and forget it.  After all, I love to dance too, LOL.

I ended up shutting off the music at 1am.  Talk about a long day.  I’ll end this section now, and write-up next two days shortly.  The reason for this is because I have some lovely pictures of some of the scenery as we were driving back home on Sunday to show you all.

I hope you all loved reading about our camping trip.  Until the next one, take care.




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