Last bit of Camp with some Scenic pictures along the way.

Welcome to the last bit of our great adventure.  This will entail the last full day at camp and the next day (packing up and leaving), to which I will end it off with some scenic pictures along the way.  Well, some of the journey anyway, as I eventually fell asleep along the way.  It’s a wonder Paul didn’t get a picture of that, lmao.

Again, this is not a play by account of what we done in the 12+ hours we were on the go, it’s just some of the things that stuck out that made that day so rememberable.

Saturday, July 2nd

Today is last full day at camp and for some, a sad one.  Of course, there were still things to do.  A new schedule went up on the board, with argo rides and of course swimming.  You can’t have camp and not go swimming.  They do have an outside heated pool, but doesn’t mean it’s actually warm when you jump in.  If someone doesn’t turn it on, then you’re freezing your goods.  And it will be a while before they warm up too, LOL.

Sorry no pictures of the kids having fun, you can’t tell who is out there these days, praying on such things.  But just know they had a ball on the argo, and especially swimming.  And before you ask, yes, I got in too.  And it was bloody well freezing too.

After the cold dip, we got warm clothes on and got ready for the next meal.  And more crafts, which is always a favorite of mine.

Plus tonight is the fireworks as well.  We always have fireworks oh Saturday night, as a celebration of another awesome year.  They had the campfire going, accompanied with wieners and marshmallows.  With which Brett cremated again.  But it’s what he loves.  Denise is starting to like them burnt to hell too, LOL.  Not me, nice golden brown for me, 🙂

I really need to invest into a really good camera, cause the one I got doesn’t take nighttime pictures that well at all.  And the fireworks were amazing.  Maybe I should ask for one from Santa, LOL.

Anyway, with the fireworks done, DJ Karen turned on the tunes for the kids party.  Although, Brett would much rather watch TV then to dance (does NOT take after me), but Denise hardly left the dance floor, LOL.  That’s my girl.  Dance it up.  LOL.

The kids party was only supposed to be 1 hour.  But I not wearing a watch, ran it for hour and half, whoops.  So I turned their tunes off and started with the adults playlist.  Then I left and put the kids to bed.  Didn’t take long for them to go to sleep.  LOL.

With all the excitement of that day though, no one was dancing.  Which was fine, a little background music playing was just as good.  I didn’t mind that.  I was just as tired as the rest of them to be honest.

Around 12:30am, I shuffled off to the camper to get some rest.  Sunday was the packing up day to leave and go home.  So I turned off the tunes, unhooked the laptop from the stereo, and headed off.

Sunday, July 3rd…

OK, last few hours of camp.  I knew what it was going to entail too.  Breakfast, packing up camper, kids off playing, lunch, saying our good-byes and driving home.

But with a slight twist.  Denise was going with the in-laws for a couple days as they still had out niece with them.  So I gave them Denise’s toys and suitcase to take with them.  We were left with Brett and the dog..

So after lunch, PIZZA and fries, we went to our usual friends, plus our new ones, and said our good-byes.  But before we actually sat down for lunch, one of the older kids was leaving with his mom – Nick.  That’s when I almost lost it.  Denise got sad that he was leaving, she wanted him to stay.  Bless her, she’s such a caring kid, and for being only 8!

I had to tell her that she will see him again next year.  She started to calm down then, but not before she had me needing to turn my face and wipe my eyes.  Yes, I’m a sap.

With that, Nick and his mom left and Denise went off to play with other friends she has there.  I wish the kids here on the street could see her at camp, she’s such a different child there.  Helpful, caring, looking out for the smaller ones.  Then again, she’s got a different childhood then they do here.  Having a brother with autism is not easy on a child, let alone on the parents.  And she does so awesome with every child at camp, with and without the diagnosis.

Anyway, we said our good-byes and headed off.  It was another awesome weekend at camp.  Can’t wait for next year.  Hopefully WITHOUT the mishaps.

We hit the road and as I looked out the window, first person I thought of was Gina Holden.  Thought to self, *she would love to see some of this*, so I put the window down and started snapping off pictures.  Here’s what I took before I went to sleep.

So I’ll end this blog off with the pictures and hope you all enjoyed the read, and the scenery.  Click on each picture to make it bigger.

Till next time.



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