New Possibilities…

And so today marks the first day of September.  Holy Hannah!!!  Summer is just about over (or the lack thereof) and the kids will be back to school in a few days.  Which makes me wonder if we’ll have a better one this time around then last year.

And speaking of a new school year for the kids, I’ll also be doing something extra to this site of mine.  I will be using it as part personal blog and part professional.  Meaning that I’ll still be blogging about my daily thoughts, but I’ll also be posting my thoughts of things I watch.  Weather it’s a TV show, a movie, or a book I’ve read.

Though, I know your asking, “but you still write for WHR right?”  Answer is yes.  Unless things change that, but I’ll keep ya all updated with that.  Just know that I plan on making this site apart of my daily duties, as well as taking care of the household.

Anyway, as part of this professional change on here that I’m hoping for, I trust that you will not be disappointed in this endeavor and I hope that you will all join and support me in this journey.

As part of the new look on here, I will be adding a new page (if I can figure it out) that will keep track of where to post things.  So therefore, I may be looking to you, my fellow readers and friends, to help with certain things.  One of which is, what sort of thing would you like to read about.  I can’t do videos on here.  If I have to pay for it, I’m not having it.  Sorry.

In closing, I hope to read any comments on here or tweets to help make this site what I vision.

Thank you.



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