And It Begins…

You know how the first day of anything you’re that excited that you can’t sleep.  Well, that’s what happened to Denise.  She was up till about 10pm last night excited and upset tummy.  Understandable.  Brett on the other hand just went to bed at his regular time and didn’t mind it at all.  He even knew the routine of only the one snack before bed and not 3 or 4 like Denise keeps trying to get.

Well when I went in her room to get her up, she didn’t snap at me like she done last year.  Boy she’s not a morning person at all.  Not sure where she gets that from though, LOL.  But anyway, I set out her clothes and left her to it.  I done the same for Brett as well.

Even though the preparing of the kids for school again, I was still stressed at the fact that I had no idea how Brett was getting in today.  His taxi that he had last year didn’t have the contract for him and I never heard from the school board as to how he was for today, let alone the whole year.  I tell ya, I wanted to hit someone for the lack of communication.

It wasn’t until I had Denise outside waiting for her bus, that I noticed a special needs bus turning down the other side of my street.  See there’s 2 ways to get on my street, and he drove down the other.  So while Denise was there watching for her bus, I had a chat with the driver of the other bus.  Now I know how he’s getting to school for tomorrow and the rest of the year, but now I got another dilemma.  How was he getting in for 12 noon?

So after he had given me their number to call, I then had to call the school and inform his teacher that he’s coming in on bus now, but they were not notified that there were 2 runs to make.  I’m expecting a call soon.

And I swear, I need to come up with a gadget to put on things that when I loose them, I shout and they make a noise.  Everyone knows that I always get a picture of the kids on their first day of school.  Well this year it was taking by an extraordinary way to say the least.

I had a friend on skype and asked her to take a picture of them, separately of course, and send them to me.  Ingenious plan if I ever say so, LOL.  So now I have 2 nice pictures of the kids of their first day.  Where is my regular digital camera??  Not a freaking clue, but I’m sure it will turn up sooner or later.

And that’s all I have to report for now.  Though I do feel like ranting about something, but not gonna.  Instead I’ll make my own punching bag and beat the crap out of that to get my frustrations out.  But I am hoping that by the end of the day, I’ll have something else to blog about.

Besides the latest from Denise on school stuff.  I’m so excited for her.  Grade 3 already!!!  And Brett entering Grade 8.  I’m too young looking and too hot to be a mom of a 13 year old.  Especially one who’s TALLER THEN ME!!!  I’m gonna need stilts soon, lmao

But anyway, until next time.



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