See what I started,,,

For whatever reason, I decided to want to decorate the outside of the house this year for Christmas.  I guess it’s partly cause I want to show off the new flower bed my hubby made for me.

Decorating for Christmas

So once I had the cider done, I realized that I didn’t have enough lights to do the rest of the front deck.  After a few days, I went back to the hardware store where I bought the first set of red lights, and picked up the second set.

I was going to wait for hubby to put it up for me, but I didn’t want to wait, so I done it myself.  But just having the red lights on the tree and deck, there was still something missing.

We ended up having to go to another hardware store and that’s where I seen the perfect addition.  The stick decorations.  Only the lights on the tips of each twig blink.  Seeing as we are due for some nasty snowy weather over night tonight and into tomorrow, I’ll try and get a small video of the lights twinkling.

Hope you like what I got done so far.  Once I start on the inside, I’ll get pictures for ya.

Until next time. xo


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