Best Morning Ever !!!

If anyone tells you, you can’t be friends with a celebrity, then tell them it’s not true.  Especially ones you get to meet via Twitter.  I’ve made a lot of acquaintances thanks to tweeting with people.  But lasting friendships is what I call a bonus.

Well today started off a bit hectic.  Brett almost missed his taxi for school, then I was rushing Denise to get a move on so she wouldn’t miss her bus.  Then when they were gone, I got a cuppa tea and something to eat.  Until I noticed a red and white van driving past the house.  I immediately ran to the mailbox and yep, I had mail.

Though, I was extra excited cause I was waiting for a certain package.  My awesome friend Brian McCaig had sent me a little something.  Was supposed to have arrived by Friday, the 11th.  I told him not to worry until the mail goes around Monday (today).

And if you’re wondering who Brian is, he is the very one I interviewed with Wormholeriders.  He was in Sanctuary, working along side Amanda Tapping.  Plus he was in Stargate Universe working along side Lou Diamond Phillips.  And I’m honored to say that he’s a really good friend of mine. 🙂

But onto this BEST MORNING EVER topic.  I got his package he sent me, although I had to wait for him to come online.  He wanted to see me open it.  So waited I did.  Though, not before I sent him a DM that it’s finally here, along with a text.  I hope I didn’t wake him up, LOL. Sorry Brian if I did, just a tad excited. LOL

Well after a bit of time passing, I get a text back from him, telling me to go ahead and open them.  Well I wasn’t long ripping the package open, LOL.  Even though I sort of knew what it was going to be, I just wasn’t sure of the look.  Actually we were texting a few times.  Wanted to be sure.  But we’ll get to chat later I’m sure. 🙂

A gift from a great friend

In case you’re all wondering, Yes I’m still wearing them. 🙂  With it he sent me a Thank You card for the friendship we have developed.  So anyone who says that it’s not possible to be friends with celebrities, I say not true.  They are just like you and I, just with a way cooler jobs. LOL.

Thank you too Brian, I’ll treasure our friendship forever. xo

Until next time. 🙂


One response to “Best Morning Ever !!!

  • PBMom

    That’s awesome. You FINALLY got some SGU stuff. I know EXACTLY how you feel. I feel this way about JC. Brian seems like a really great guy. I’m glad it made your day.

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