Up Next …

Well after the fundraiser we’ve had,, and the bake sale (though I was gone on vacation during this one), you might be wondering what’s next.  Why haven’t I written in here in a while.  Well besides being busy with kids, housework, and getting packed for my first time vacation to the Dominican with hubby, I’ve been waiting for my favorite TV shows to come back on the air so I could write about my thoughts on them again.  But, I’m still waiting.  So I thought I’d give you an update of what’s next with me.

You know that when you’re talking to a friend who gets an idea from chatting about a certain TV show to film a fan-made movie based on it that you should just shut up… right??? Remind me to do just that next time I’m talking to this particular friend.  He’s the director and producer of Hann-Made Productions and the head guy for Scifi on the Rock.  I could tell he was getting excited about a project that to the best of my knowledge has never been done.  Well apparently I’ve been volunteered to write a script for this project to be filmed in the summer or early fall.  If you have been following my tweets, you can get some idea as to what one we will be filming next.  I’m not sure if I’ll actually be in this one, or more of a behind-the-scenes person making sure the actors we get to do this is as close and as true to the real characters on the show.  I am so nervous.  I’ve never written something before that will be acted out and filmed for everyone to see.  I’ve written a 90+ page fan-fic once, but nothing like this.  I just hope I do a good job on it.  I’ll let ya know the progress on this when it comes close to getting filmed.

But first is the Scifi on the Rock 6.  That’s coming up in 24 days !!!  Yep, not long now.  This will be the first time that I’ll be actually helping and doing my part with the convention.  I volunteered to be one of our guests handlers, so I can’t wait for that.

Other then that, there’s not much else to report on.  Not until the TV shows I’m wanting to watch comes back on TV again.

So again, thanks for popping by and reading my stuff.  Hope you find it interesting to keep poking your head in again from time to time to see if I’ve posted anything else.  Or you can sign up to get an email for anything I may post next.

Until next time

Karen, xo


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