To Gate or not to Gate

When I first heard that Stargate was coming back I was jumping for joy.  I couldn’t believe that after all this time, it was returning.

Then I heard that it was to continue from the initial movie back in ’94 with James Spader and Kurt Russell.  I thought, hmm, ok,, how is that going to work?  Are they going to get the same guys to play Jack and Daniel?  Or are they recasting the whole lot.

But not only are they making a reboot,, they are making a trilogy.  There’s going to be THREE movies.  But then my obvious question,,, What about SG1, SGA and SGU??

I know that they wanted to continue from the story line from the original movie, but c’mon?? 17 years of Stargate because of the initial movie, to be ignored??  I do hope that they reference the 3 Stargate series we know and love somehow within this new Stargate.

Personally, I’m going to watch anything with the name Stargate in it.  Mind you, I never did see the cartoon version of it.  Though, from what I’ve been told by people who has seen at least a couple of episodes, I’m not missing much.  But still, I’d like to eventually watch that version so I can have my own opinion.

I just had a thought,,,, I know, dangerous.  But if they do recast some of the original people from the movie for this trilogy, will they have Alexis Cruz, Erick Avari and Mili Avital??  Personally, I liked her version of Sha’uri.  No disrespect to Vaitiare Hirshon (Bandera), but if you’re going to have the brother stay the same , then why change the sister?  Besides changing the person, they even changed the way you spell her characters name.  Sha’uri to Sha’re??? That’s what didn’t make sense to me. I’m sure there was a reason why Ms. Avital wasn’t picked.  Plus, they even kept their father the same,,, Kasuf played by Mr. Avari.  But anyway.

I’m going to keep an open mind when this comes out.  So we’ll see how it goes.  I am excited, even though it might not sound like it,, but I am.  It’s STARGATE after all, 🙂

Thx for popping by and reading my little rant of sorts.

Until next time.



4 responses to “To Gate or not to Gate

  • Silkensoul

    I know.. WTH is the question sometimes. They had successful series to fall back on with well loved actors & actresses. Yet, they do a re-boot from back from the stone ages. Sometimes it’s a head scratcher of sorts.
    Fans are fans.. Mind you so many Stargate fans became divided with SGU & SGA that perhaps this might be the only way to smooth over those fanatics that have no class & insist on making trouble. A re-boot is a appropriate word. Thanks for the post.

  • PBMom

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    Thoughts about the new Stargate movies from my friend Karen. Let her know what you think!

  • PBMom

    I don’t think Emmerich liked the series (according to Joe Mallozzi). I seriously doubt we’ll see our beloved characters in his movies. I wonder if he’ll try to emulate JJ Abrams and do his version with a time-rewrite twist so he doesn’t have to follow the storylines and worry about the series fans.

  • Kelly Marie

    They didn’t like the series, you just have to listen to the commentary on the newer re-release of the original Stargate film.
    They also pronounced Sha’uri differently in the film to the series. That confused me a fair bit in the beginning.
    O’Neil in the film and O’Neill in the show, little differences.
    My initial thought was, yep they saw how much money SG-1 and Atlantis made and wanted some of that. But we know they won;t reference the show we all love so it would depend on what direction it would take, if it was based on the first film and it was ancient Egyptian then yes, I would watch, if not, no I wouldn’t waste time nor money!

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