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To Gate or not to Gate

When I first heard that Stargate was coming back I was jumping for joy.  I couldn’t believe that after all this time, it was returning.

Then I heard that it was to continue from the initial movie back in ’94 with James Spader and Kurt Russell.  I thought, hmm, ok,, how is that going to work?  Are they going to get the same guys to play Jack and Daniel?  Or are they recasting the whole lot.

But not only are they making a reboot,, they are making a trilogy.  There’s going to be THREE movies.  But then my obvious question,,, What about SG1, SGA and SGU??

I know that they wanted to continue from the story line from the original movie, but c’mon?? 17 years of Stargate because of the initial movie, to be ignored??  I do hope that they reference the 3 Stargate series we know and love somehow within this new Stargate.

Personally, I’m going to watch anything with the name Stargate in it.  Mind you, I never did see the cartoon version of it.  Though, from what I’ve been told by people who has seen at least a couple of episodes, I’m not missing much.  But still, I’d like to eventually watch that version so I can have my own opinion.

I just had a thought,,,, I know, dangerous.  But if they do recast some of the original people from the movie for this trilogy, will they have Alexis Cruz, Erick Avari and Mili Avital??  Personally, I liked her version of Sha’uri.  No disrespect to Vaitiare Hirshon (Bandera), but if you’re going to have the brother stay the same , then why change the sister?  Besides changing the person, they even changed the way you spell her characters name.  Sha’uri to Sha’re??? That’s what didn’t make sense to me. I’m sure there was a reason why Ms. Avital wasn’t picked.  Plus, they even kept their father the same,,, Kasuf played by Mr. Avari.  But anyway.

I’m going to keep an open mind when this comes out.  So we’ll see how it goes.  I am excited, even though it might not sound like it,, but I am.  It’s STARGATE after all, 🙂

Thx for popping by and reading my little rant of sorts.

Until next time.



A chat between friends: My interview with the lovely Mylene Dinh-Robic

Heya The Listener fans,Click to visit and learn more about The Listener at CTV!

Boy do I have a treat for you!

I have had the privilege a couple of weeks ago to have a sit down with Mylène Dinh-Robic, one of the stars of this fabulous TV series Click to learn more about Mylene Dihn-Robic at her official web site!for an actual video interview.

She was here on another project – The Republic of Doyle. And in fact, it was her that made that initial tweet that got me jumping up and down.

Click to learn more about Judicial IndiscretionThis very talented woman has been in such projects as Judicial Indiscretion. Yes, I am talking about the Michael Shanks movie for those fans of his who know of this film 🙂

In it she played a judge’s secretary of sorts. She talks a bit about her experience on that film and her impression on Anne Archer.

Mylene as Anika-Stargate Atlantis - Image courtesy MGMAnd if you can remember, she was also in an episode of Stargate Atlantis where she played the character Anika from the episode “The Kindred Part 2”. Here she talks about what it was like to be apart of such an amazing cast and how they made her feel like part of the family. She also reveals her first encounter with Mr. Joe Flanigan. It was so funny and cute at the same time.

Point No PointThen I asked about her part in a special play called Point No Point, written by a good friend of hers, Noah Davis. It was done in Toronto so far. I am hoping that the play gets to come here as I would love to see it.

We chatted about her two adorable dogs, about acting, favorite things and places. We even touched a little on her family. I did not want to go too personal, as I respect anyone’s privacy. whether it be a celebrity or a close friend. Not everything in a person’s life needs to be out there. And I respect that.Click to visit Mylene Dihn-Robic at her official web site!

Then we got to the main reason for the interview: The Listener. Well, she could not say enough good things about her cast mates.

She even told me the basis of the reasoning to kill Charlie off. A sad fact but true, but I will let her tell you in this video interview you are about to watch.

Enough of the reading, let us get to the “Listening” and watching of this very talented actress – Mylène Dinh-Robic.

You can also find Mylene on Twitter, and she has her very own FaceBook page as well.

So without any further delay, I present to you, Ms. Mylene Dinh-Robic.


Sorry for the link, until I can figure out the video aspect of this site, that’s the best I can do.

Though, on that note, I’d like to thank Kenn from WormholeRiders News Agency for editing the video interview for me.

Hope you all enjoy the interview.

Till next time, XO

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