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“My Thoughts On” Sanctuary: Chimera.

Click to visit Sanctuary on SPACEClick to visit SPACE channel“Just when Magnus thought Adam Worth was gone forever, she and Tesla become trapped in a virtual Sanctuary, where they are attacked by an avatar of Worth – who is determined to enter the “real” world.” Quoted from another site.


This blog may contain spoilers, so to those of you who have not seen this episode yet, then I recommend that you stop reading and wait until you’ve seen it.  If you don’t mind the tidbits, then keep reading.  But you have been warned.

I have to say, any episode where Tesla is involved, it’s going to be fun to watch.  But add in the psycho Adam Worth, and we have trouble.  What I love about Tesla was his witty, sarcastic, innuendos and come-back remarks.  The name calling I found funny especially when he’s referring to Henry.  And the fact that he’s trying to get Magnus to bed every chance he can get was his typical nature.  And even when they were trapped in the virtual sanctuary world, he was still at it.

Adam on the other hand, being a replicated form of the human aspect, was interesting to see back.  With his scruff, which made him look even more evil and devilish, you can’t let your guard down when it came to him.  Even though he didn’t know who the human form of Adam really was, it was wiped from memory, but the thought of him reading “stories” from within the computer, was enough to keep you on edge.

If it wasn’t for Tesla messing with the Sanctuary’s security computers, none of this would have happened.  But knowing Tesla, he has to be the mischievous one.  I think he likes messing with Henry’s things to get a rise out of him.  But who knows for sure.  Nonetheless, I loved this episode.

But what I did find disconcerting was the fact that we had Adam wanting out of the virtual world and needed a new body.  And because Tesla and Helen got a message out to Henry and Will needing help, Will was chosen to be Adam’s way out.  But it wasn’t to the point of Adam transferring his consciousness into Will’s virtual body, but when Will would speak it was Adam’s voice.  That was so wrong on so many levels.

But be happy to know that it was all a trick to get Adam focused on leaving the computer world so Henry could isolate and contain the menace who was wreaking havoc on the computers.

On the topic of special effects, this just shows how talented the creators are.  When Helen and Tesla was in the virtual world, and each turn they make there was a new hallway created.  One in particular was one corridor that seemed to go on forever.  It put me in mind of the Twilight Zone (cues opening tune).

There was one part of the show where you actually seen a hallway being created.  It made me think of Stargate SG-1 with the Tok’ra  jamming a crystal into the wall to form rooms or corridors.  I guess where some of the creators of SG-1 is not apart of Sanctuary, they can over lap ideas.  Which I love.

But in any case, it was a great episode.  One that I hope you all enjoyed (or will enjoy) as well.

And thanks to the SPACE Channel, you can now go to their site and watch full episodes of Sanctuary.  Below is the link of this episode in full.  Hope you all enjoy.

Sanctuary (Episode 408) “Chimera”

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Until next time, xo.


Best Morning Ever !!!

If anyone tells you, you can’t be friends with a celebrity, then tell them it’s not true.  Especially ones you get to meet via Twitter.  I’ve made a lot of acquaintances thanks to tweeting with people.  But lasting friendships is what I call a bonus.

Well today started off a bit hectic.  Brett almost missed his taxi for school, then I was rushing Denise to get a move on so she wouldn’t miss her bus.  Then when they were gone, I got a cuppa tea and something to eat.  Until I noticed a red and white van driving past the house.  I immediately ran to the mailbox and yep, I had mail.

Though, I was extra excited cause I was waiting for a certain package.  My awesome friend Brian McCaig had sent me a little something.  Was supposed to have arrived by Friday, the 11th.  I told him not to worry until the mail goes around Monday (today).

And if you’re wondering who Brian is, he is the very one I interviewed with Wormholeriders.  He was in Sanctuary, working along side Amanda Tapping.  Plus he was in Stargate Universe working along side Lou Diamond Phillips.  And I’m honored to say that he’s a really good friend of mine. 🙂

But onto this BEST MORNING EVER topic.  I got his package he sent me, although I had to wait for him to come online.  He wanted to see me open it.  So waited I did.  Though, not before I sent him a DM that it’s finally here, along with a text.  I hope I didn’t wake him up, LOL. Sorry Brian if I did, just a tad excited. LOL

Well after a bit of time passing, I get a text back from him, telling me to go ahead and open them.  Well I wasn’t long ripping the package open, LOL.  Even though I sort of knew what it was going to be, I just wasn’t sure of the look.  Actually we were texting a few times.  Wanted to be sure.  But we’ll get to chat later I’m sure. 🙂

A gift from a great friend

In case you’re all wondering, Yes I’m still wearing them. 🙂  With it he sent me a Thank You card for the friendship we have developed.  So anyone who says that it’s not possible to be friends with celebrities, I say not true.  They are just like you and I, just with a way cooler jobs. LOL.

Thank you too Brian, I’ll treasure our friendship forever. xo

Until next time. 🙂

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