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My Interview with the Amazing and Talented Josh Blacker

This is the first time I’ve done anything like this on my own.  And for that, I really need to thank Mr. Josh Blacker for giving me this opportunity to do what I love doing – supporting amazing and talented people.

Josh BlackerWe got to know this talented actor from Stargate Universe.  But he’s so much more then that.  I just hope that I can do him justice with this little interview.  So on that note, I present to you Mr. Josh Blacker.  Enjoy.

KF:  I believe your last interview was with Wormholeriders.  So since then, what have you been doing lately?

JB:  2010 was a slower than normal year for us in Vancouver.  Fortunately, 2011 has been very generous.  I was able to book an amazing role in Neill Blomkamp‘s new film “Elysium” starring Matt Damon, Jodie Foster, Sharlto Copley and Wagner Moura.  We’ve been shooting for the last 3 months in Vancouver and I am heading to Mexico shortly to continue shooting.

KF:  In regards to your new picture on Twitter, you informed me that you done a short film with a friend.  Is there anything you can tell us about it?

Josh BlackerJB:  Well, it was really just a very short film that we decided to make to explore lighting and acting as the sole ways to tell a story.  There is no dialogue which made for a wonderful challenge.  The story is a little cryptic and I’d rather  that it speak for itself. It’s in post-production right now and hopefully I’ll be able to share it soon.  The writer/director, Will Minsky, is a good friend of mine and we’re exploring a number of different film ideas…stay tuned.  

KF:  I know you’re Vegan, what’s your favorite meal to either have made for you, or you make yourself?

JB:  Hmmmm, I think a nice homemade meal from my Mom or Dad would do the trick. They’re both amazing cooks and I know that I’m always going to be well fed when I go home.  My mom makes one of the most amazing seitan roasts in the world, and my dad’s roast potatoes are otherworldly!!

Click and visit MGM to see more of Josh BlackerKF:  With regards to your character on SGU, SGT. Spencer, how much of yourself is in the character?

JB:  This is always such an interesting question to answer.  At a glance, you’d think we have very little in common.  He’s a marine suffering from ptsd and depression on a space ship in the middle of nowhere.  However, I think there’s always going to be a part of me that informs my characters.  I can relate to the idea of being isolated and wanting to go home and be with loved ones. I think we all can.  

KF:  Of all the roles you done, what’s your favorite one you’ve done? What one did you not like doing?

JB:  I think whatever character I’m working on is my favorite one.  I really sink myself into my work and make sure that I’m focused on the task at hand.  In this case, my character on Elysium has been a blast to work on.  I can’t say too much, but I can say that he’s a very complicated and unpredictable guy.  I have enjoyed every single character I’ve worked on.  They all have their challenges in some way. Ideally, you find something that you can connect with in every character and build from there.  

KF:   Do you have limits as to what you will do when reading over a script?

JB:  Never say never, right!?  I can’t think of anything off the top of my head.  I really try and make sure that every character I play has a humanity that I can connect with. And, if that’s there, then I’ll do it.  It would have to be something completely egregious and gratuitous in order for me to decline a part. Usually the characters that scare you the most are the ones that are the most rewarding to play.  

KF:  Boxers, Briefs, or Commando?

JB:  Those who know, know 😉  

KF:  Let’s get into some of your favorite things. Color? Food? Drink? (both alcoholic and non), Restaurant? Book? Movie?

JB:  These things usually change over time.  Right now:  Red, Quinoa, a nice hoppy micro-brewed IPA and for non-alcoholic, a good cup of tea.  Favorite restaurant….Candle Cafe in NYC.  My favorite book over the past few years was Power of One by Bryce Courtenay, it was set in South Africa and was such a rewarding read.  I don’t have a favorite movie; I find that it changes depending on my mood and what I’ve seen recently.  

KF:  How about a bit of your bio.  There’s nothing on IMDb about you, only the list of things you’ve been in. So to that, how tall are you? Color of your eyes? Any tidbit you’d like to share?

JB:  I was born in Johannesburg, South Africa.  I’m 5’10’ and weigh just under 180lbs.  I’ve got dark brown hair, which is, obviously, shaved.  Blue eyes.  Here’s an interesting tidbit – I used to be a lawyer.  I practiced law for 4 years in Calgary, AB after getting my law degree at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario.  It wasn’t for me.  Acting is in my blood and in my soul.  

KF:  Who was your biggest influence in your life?

JB:  Wow, tough one.  I’d have to say my parents.  They’ve been unbelievable influences in my life.  They are always there for me and have instilled in me so many wonderful characteristics and offered me unconditional support.  I’m blessed to have them in my life.

KF:  What is your favorite vacation spot?

JB:  Like movies, I don’t have a favorite. I love traveling and want to see as much of the world as I can. Sometimes, I love getting to a beach and just relaxing, other times I enjoy a nice getaway in the mountains or a backpacking trip through Europe.  There are so many places to see on my list….time to get going.

KF:  What about charities? Are there any you support every year?

Click to learn more about Mercy for AnimalsJB:  I am a big supporter of Mercy for Animals, Jest for Joy and pretty much any animal sanctuary.  I encourage people to look up Jest for Joy in particular as the work they do is unbelievable.  There’s a wonderful mini-documentary on youtube that sums it all up beautifully.  

KF:  And on that note, do you volunteer?

JB:  I used to volunteer a lot but haven’t in a long time.  You’ve inspired me to start giving back.  

KF:  Is there anything that you would like to say to your fans out there?

JB:  A very big and very warm Thank You.  Without your continued support this would be a much lonelier endeavor. I appreciate everything and love hearing from everyone too.

KF: Again Josh, I want to thank you for doing this. There wasn’t that many questions, but then again, this is my first time actually doing an interview on my own.

JB: My pleasure.  You’ve been a great supporter of mine from the very beginning.  Thank  you for everything!

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But before I go, I just found out that today is his birthday.  So Happy Birthday Josh.  I hope this small post makes your day.   After all, it’s the least I could do.  Cheers. 🙂 

Until then, xo

I am also including the YouTube video which Mr. Blacker mentioned in the interview above.  I hope you all enjoy it.  If anything, I hope it moves you in a way that you help out in whatever charity you wish to make a difference in.  Enjoy.


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