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The Listener 307 “Now You See Him”.

The cast of The Listener

Welcome back THE LISTENER fans.  And welcome to FLASHPOINT fans. 🙂

This episode was anticipated by everyone as a MUST SEE!!!  To have this type of crossover was nicely written.  Although, before the airing of this one, I was thinking that it was going to be a mesh of both cast members for the whole episode.  I guess I’ll have to start tuning into Flashpoint to see more of Spike, lol.  It was still cool to see.  Though now all the fans are wondering when it will be reverse. 🙂

Anyway, that’s my initial thoughts, now onto the reason why you’re here.

The Listener 308 "Now You See Him"

Magnus (guest star Peter Outerbridge) in prison.
Photo by Christos Kalohoridis.

This is the start of it all.  Magnus heads into a “secured” room with his lawyer.  Apparently he’s been through a lot of lawyers, so maybe this one will stick with his case.  But looks can be deceiving.

The Listener 308 "Now You See Him"

Ryder (Arnold Pinnock) rides along with Oz (Ennis Esmer).
Photo by Stephen Scott.

This was funny how these two got paired up.  I couldn’t stop giggling when Oz was chatting with Toby about how they missed the good ole days.  They were discussing on who was Bonnie and who was Clyde.  It wasn’t until Ryder came in the middle of the conversation that Oz learned that he was going to ride with him.  I was hoping he was going to say Toby.  I miss those two driving around the streets of Toronto with their typical conversations.  The look on Oz’s face was priceless. 😀

The Listener 308 "Now You See Him"

Magnus Elphrensen (guest star Peter Outerbridge) breaks out of prison with a little help from his lawyer.
Photo by Stephen Scott.

Now, this was the sneaky part.  How the devil did Magnus manage to change his appearance with the cameras pointed right at the meeting?  It wasn’t until Michelle and Toby were able to go in the room and take a look around.  That’s when they noticed a gadget attached to the wall next to the camera.  It was cleaver, but stupid.  Or was it?  Maybe they left it there hoping that it would be found.  Magnus knew that Michelle would be on the case anyway.  He’s the best bad guy to have on this show.  It really had you thinking along side the IIB team as to what Magnus was thinking.

The Listener 308 "Now You See Him"

Ryder (Arnold Pinnock), Sandy (Tara Spencer-Nairn) and Oz (Ennis Esmer) rush into the hospital with a patient.
Photo by Stephen Scott.

This was cute.  They work nicely together.  Even though they had some awkward moments with Oz babbling, but in the end Ryder gave Oz a complement about his tactics while on the job.  As much as Oz loves to joke around, he got it where it counts.  And Ryder told him as much.

The Listener 308 "Now You See Him"

Ryder (Arnold Pinnock) and Oz (Ennis Esmer) joke around with old friend Spike (special guest star Sergio Di Zio, centre).
Photo by Stephen Scott.

Now this was the moment we were all waiting for.  To see someone from the Flashpoint series make their appearance.  And what a cutie too.  I’m with Sandy on this one, a guy in this type of uniform,,, yummm. 😀 And yes, I’m married, but there’s no harm in looking, 😉 LOL.

What I liked about this short encounter was the fact that Spike told Ryder that if you were ever in a jam, that Oz was your man.  He’ll always have your back.  Always keeps his wits about him in any situation.  I think that made Ryder rethink some things on Oz in two aspects – Oz as an employee and Oz as a person.  I like them both, 🙂

The Listener 308 "Now You See Him"

Toby (Craig Olejnik) and Michelle (Lauren Lee Smith) try to figure out Magnus’ escape.
Photo by Christos Kalohoridis.

Meanwhile, Michelle and Toby had a chat with the “lawyer”, who ended up being a fellow inmate.  Hoping that Magnus might have slipped up and said something to him, they questioned the inmate.  Unfortunately, Toby wasn’t able to get a reading they wanted.  So back to the IIB they went and done more searching.

Michelle knew that Magnus never gave up his revenge on the guy who killed his daughter.  But what I found to be the most clever part was the fact that Magnus basically had the IIB get the information that he was missing.  Now that he knew where Gregory Harrow (Kristopher Turner) was residing, he left to pay him a visit.  Of course that’s when Dev informed them all that Magnus was in the building all this time.  So the info they just pulled up on Gregory, Magnus now had.  Michelle and Toby rushes to the address.

The look on Gregory’s face when Magnus came walking in the door was mere shock.  I thought to myself, “yep, he’s a goner.”  But it wasn’t Magnus who pulled the trigger.  For a split second Magnus let his guard down and Gregory got the gun away and pointed it at Magnus.  Or did he?  Magnus is not the type to slip up but in the end he got his revenge.  Magnus taunted Gregory causing him to squeeze the trigger.  It wasn’t until the last possible moment that Toby was able to see what Magnus had done to the gun.

Just as Toby shouted for him to not shoot, Gregory pulled the trigger.  It backfired and part of the gun was embedded into Gregory’s forehead.  Ouch!!  Well at least it was a quick death.

But Magnus is a character who has me so puzzled.  It makes me wonder if he knows about Toby’s talent somehow.  Well think about it.  Every time Toby has tried to get a reading from Magnus, you would see static or lightening.  It’s like Magnus only allows Toby to see what he wants to show him.  And when Toby spoke out loud that maybe he’s “thinking of another way to escape”, Magnus, in handcuffs, smiles back at Toby and thinks “it’s like you’re reading my mind.”  I hope we get to see him again in a future episode.  And where they are renewed for a season 4, we just might.

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