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My Thoughts on The Listener: Episode 3: Curtain Call

The cast of The Listener

Well this was an awesome episode of The Listener to watch.  There’s tense situations, parts that had you questioning “who’s the bad guy?” and just the feel of friendships and family.

Click to visit CTV.caThis series airs on Wednesday’s on CTV, 10pm/9pm central.  Though there’s a repeat during the weekend, (check local listings), in case you miss it.

The Listener: Episode 3: Curtain Call

Pop singer Jade (guest star Fefe Dobson) at rehearsal with her dancers.

Fefe Dobson is brilliant in this one.  Though, I’m a bit bias, as I love her music, so I couldn’t wait to see her performance in tonight’s episode.  And what an awesome job she done too.

The Listener: Episode 3: Curtain Call

Pop singer Jade (guest star Fefe Dobson), held back by J.C. (Wesley Williams), reacts to seeing Bodie electrocuted.

This is how everything starts in this episode and how Jade is introduced to Toby (Craig Olejnik).  The death of Jade’s friend prompts the IIB to investigate as it wasn’t an accident.  It’s a bit of a run around as to who is actually trying to kill her, but it will become apparent in the end.

The Listener: Episode 3: Curtain Call
Toby Logan (Craig Olejnik) insists that Jade (guest star Fefe Dobson) leave the stage, as she’s in danger.

Jade was scheduled to have a gig at a club somewhere in the city, so of course Toby was there to make sure everything went alright.  Unfortunately, things just didn’t feel right for Toby and he had to get Jade to leave.  She wasn’t that happy that she had to end the night early, but she agreed to leave.

Most times we are made to do something we don’t want to do, but it’s always for our own good.  If we didn’t have people looking out for us in our choices we make, no matter if it makes sense to us at the time, where would we be?  I hope that made sense. 🙂

The Listener: Episode 3: Curtain Call

J.C. (Wesley Williams) insists Jade (guest star Fefe Dobson) gets in the car to avoid danger, as her bodyguard (Jung Yul Kim, centre) and Toby Logan (Craig Olejnik, far right) look on.

This is when Jade has had enough of J.C.’s drama and informs him that she’s ending things with him.  She’s going out on her own.  I think the chat she’s had with Toby prior was what made her realize that J.C. was the one who made her into someone she wasn’t.  And also had her believing that he was the one who got her to where she was.  When in fact it was all her hard work.  Reminds me of my own personal drama I was going through a few months ago.  But by surrounding ourselves with supportive friends, I’m sure both Jade and I will overcome anything.  😉

The Listener: Episode 3: Curtain CallAnd then cue Oz.  With the tense atmosphere of the episode, this little bit of comic relief is always welcomed.  The Listener: Episode 3: Curtain CallIn fact, pretty much every scene where Oz is involved, you’re going to have a good laugh.  But it’s this next picture that had me laughing so hard.  LMAO!!!

The Listener: Episode 3: Curtain Call

*Facepalm*  Even my husband chuckled when the towel fell to the floor, showing “little Oz”.  I’m laughing now just writing that part, 😀  Too funny.  The look on Toby’s face said it all. 🙂

Click here to visit Shaftesbury FilmsI wish to thank the awesome people at Shaftesbury Films for the pictures and allowing me to host any video pertaining to the show on here.  You can also follow them on twitter.  Though, the Oz scene in the towel I obtained from the CTV website.  You can watch all episodes from season 3 so far here.  As well as past episodes. 

Click to visit and follow me on TwitterI want to thank you all for popping by IN THE KNOW.  Please feel free to share this post by clicking on the buttons below, leaving a comment, or you can nab me on twitter.  The video of next weeks episode will be posted as soon as it becomes available.  But before I end this post, I leave you with  “I’m Gonna Dance” music video with Fefe Dobson.  Hope you enjoy.

Until next time.

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