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“My Thoughts On” Sanctuary: Uprising

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Welcome back Sanctuary fans.

Click to visit SPACE channelAnd thanks to the SPACE channel, not only do we get to see it on Friday nights, (check local listings) but we also get to see a repeat of the episode on Sunday twice more.  How cool is that?  AND, if that doesn’t make you jump for joy, they also post it online for all to see.  Yes, you can see full episodes from their website as well.  This is why I love the SPACE channel.

Now from this point I should warn you that I may give out spoilers to those of you who haven’t seen the episode yet.  If you have, then by all means.  Plus, if you feel you need to freshen up your memory as to what happened prior, then you may want to visit the WormholeRiders News Agency website first.  That’s where the last episode – INTO THE BLACK is located.  Again I wrote up that review as well, when I was still with them.  This episode basically continues off from that previous review.  Hope you enjoy.

This episode has a bit of everything in it that I’m sure will please everyone.  Although, I’m ashamed to say that I didn’t notice that the opening picture is missing someone until I seen this episode.  Yes, we are missing Kate Freelander (Agam Darshi).  Though, she’s tweeted that she’s had other projects she was committed into doing during the time of the gang getting back together to film season 4.  And this episode really helps with her lack of screen time beautifully.

This is also an episode that the Empress herself directed.  For those who don’t know, I’m referring to Amanda Tapping.  She’s such a talented woman and a great role model for any person of all ages.

I was going to write a point-by-point about what happened during this episode, however, I feel it will get too long and boring.  So I’m sticking with points of the show that got me thinking.  I know,, dangerous, LOL.

Poor Will (Robin Dunne) is left to try and talk reason with Dr. Lillian Lee (Francoise Yip) the UN woman and the trigger happy lunatic.  Yes the same one we had the pleasure of seeing in the finale episode of season 3.  With the UN giving General Villanova (Tom McBeath) control of the refugee camp, everything goes from bad to worse in a matter of seconds.

Though, what I did find a nice surprise was when the other heads of the various Sanctuary’s made Will the head one of them all.  How cool was that?  I wonder if that means he got a pay raise? LOL

With the situation at the camp, Henry ends up having to go there to try and make peace after the trigger happy General fired on one of the 3 masses of abnormals that came from Praxia.  Every time I see this character, a quote comes to mind.  It was said by Carter from an episode of Stargate SG-1: Foothold.  “Maybourne you’re an idiot every day of the week.  Why couldn’t you have just taken one day off?” LOL  I think it fits nicely in this episode.

Then we have Garvis (David Milchard).  Remember him?  He was the one who gifted Kate with one of his jewels from his home.  Well him I liked.  Not because he defended Kate when the others didn’t really want her there, but that he stepped up when things started to become clear as to what was really going on.  This I hope won’t be the last time we see him.  Though, something tells me that it won’t be, as we find out that Kate is assigned to go with him and work from within.  I think they make a cute couple, 🙂

Again, you will get a much more detailed review on other sites.  This is just my views.  And in saying that, Amanda Tapping done an awesome job with directing.  The use of the green screens and the use of the visual effects are always astonishing to say the least.  Amanda had directed before, but this one tops the cake, so far.

But with the one thing that I had to actually do the math on, was her new age.  She went back in time over 100 years.  113 years to be precise.  When she left she was already 159.  If memory serves me right.  Well with her having to have a 113 vacation, doesn’t that make her 272 years old now??  Damn she looks great.  Doesn’t she?  Makes ya wonder what she gonna be like when she reaches 1000, LOL

It was funny though, how they came across Helen in the Sanctuary in the first place.  Seeing as she was MIA for a few hours.  Someone from within the Sanctuary was hacking Henry’s hack.  I didn’t think someone was smarter then Henry.  I guess Helen has many talents that we are just scratching the surface.

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Until next time.  XO


My Thoughts On Sanctuary: Season 4 – Episode 1: Tempus

Click to visit Sanctuary on SPACEClick to visit SPACE channelClick here to visit Sanctuary on SPACEFirst of all, for those of you who haven’t seen this epic season opener of Sanctuary yet, then I’d advice not to ready any further.  I may have some spoilers within my post and I’d hate to ruin anything for anyone.  For those of you who don’t mind, then by all means, keep reading and I hope you enjoy.  🙂

This season 4 opener of Sanctuary was the most anticipated episodes ever.  Especially by the numerous account of fans out there, just waiting to see the continuation from season 3’s INTO THE BLACK.

This episode, Tempus, mainly focused on Helen Magnus (Amanda Tapping) trying to stop Adam Worth (Ian Tracey).  You remember him right? The psycho?? LOL  Well it’s nice to see that he hasn’t changed.  He’s just as cynical as ever.  Although, something has got me baffled.  Both Helen and Adam had to have been thrown back in time for a good few days, if not a couple of weeks, how did they get around the tropic cascade failure?  Isn’t it the same thing like in Stargate SG-1: Point of View where we had 2 Carter’s in the one timeline?  How is it that Helen and Adam didn’t feel the affects of having themselves still in same timeline.  Maybe someone from the show who might read this could answer my question.

Well, in any case, Helen had to keep a low profile.  This is a delicate balance of letting the wrong one see her could have a major effect on the future as she knew it.  But she wasn’t going to be able to do this on her own.  That’s when our other favorite, Dr. James Watson (Peter Wingfield) notices her.  They eventually meet up, but Helen is reluctant in telling him what she knows.  Though, she does tell him some things.  But like he said, too much information can be dangerous.  Although, he does have enough information to keep him going for a few decades.  LOL

I mean, the whole point to this episode is for Adam to go back in time to change his daughters fate from a sickness that Helen refused to help cure.  This was the start of Adam’s relentless obsession.  To save his daughter.  Unfortunately for Helen, Adam succeeds and his daughter is cured.  However, because of his hatred for Helen, he tried to kill her with one of the gadgets he took with him.  In the end, he takes a shot at Helen but misses.  The green discharge from the futuristic gun zipped past Helen and hit off an old stone building behind her, in turn causing some bricks from above to fall on Adam’s daughter.  The result?  You got it, the young girl ended up dieing.

Of course Adam had to blame it on Helen.  Oh yeah, sure,, like she’s just gonna just stand there and let the blast hit her.  Duh!  Not likely.  Then another thought came to mind.  What if this was inevitable?  What if the daughter wasn’t meant to live past a certain day anyway.  What if she was on borrowed time as it were.  That she was destined as the case may be to not live like Adam had wanted her too?  Some pondering questions indeed.  Then what will become of Adam.  Will he have a new obsession?

The whole reason for Adam to go back in time was to save his daughter.  Now, in recent events, she gets killed instead.  Then is it correct to assume that Adam will still try to join the Sanctuary team like he tried before?  Will he try have a new reason to get back at Helen and try this stunt again.  To go back in time and stop his daughters death?  It’s an interesting thought for sure.

Even though Helen and James did get rid of all evidence of the future Adam, the next question is what will she do now?  Her first thought was to just end her life there.  It was too dangerous to have 2 Helen’s in same city.  She had to be careful of who would see her.  That’s when James suggested on a vacation.  Albeit 113 year vacation, but least this way, she will get a well deserved break.  Then like James continued to say, she can just start up where she left off.

Hmmm, a 113 year vacation.  What to do? Where to go?  Any suggestions?

All in all, this was a pretty good episode.  One well worth the wait.  Can’t wait to see next weeks episode and see if there are any changes that might have occurred because of the time travel.  So stay tuned for next week when I’ll have another post of “my thoughts on” blog.

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