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And the fun continues…

Well that was different.  Usually when we go to the cabin it’s just hubby and I, or him and the kids.  But never all four of us at same time.  But I won’t bore you with the early details of the journey there.  Although, I did have to stop a few times and catch my breath.  Yes, I’m that out of shape that I needed to stop and grab something cold to drink before I continued walking the rest of it.

Unfortunately, I forgot our regular camera.  So I had to use my cell phone instead.  I didn’t get the best shot of the moon – as it was rising.  What a brilliant orange.  And full at that.  Next time I’ll remember to take the camera.  I will post the only picture I emailed myself to show you all.  The rest I have to wait to get the proper hook up from my cell to the laptop so i can take them all off at once.  Emailing pictures to myself, or others, is costly.

The moon pearing through the trees

Well by 10:30pm the kids were out like a light.  Then hubby and I opened up some snacks and had a couple of drinks.  He had his beer, me the whiskey.  Though, after my 2nd one, I’m surprised I was able to stand up on the quad to get the pictures I took without falling off.

All in all it was a fun night.  Quiet and peaceful.  And best of all, there was no yelling to get the kids to bed – namely Denise.  I guess with the fresh air, and the walk from the gravel road to the cabin that Denise and I done, wiped her out.  Bless her, well both of them really, they were so tired.  Best part of all was, NO ACCIDENTS!  YAY!!!!!!!!

We all woke up about 8am, enough time to grab a small snack for the kids to eat before we left the cabin and headed for home for a sensible breakfast.  Although now, hubby has a hangover.  Which is weird as I’m usually the one getting those after a night of drinking, LOL.  But oh well.  His turn this time, LOL.

Well, that’s it for out night away from home.  Hope you enjoyed the little read.  I’ll be sure to try and get the other pictures to you all as soon as I can.

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