Daily Archives: August 17, 2011

Oh to dream…

One of the things I will be making sure I get when I win the lottery is a new house.  And I have a few to choose from that I love.  Some are definitely dream homes as they are most likely too big to keep up.  Others are YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING ME type of reactions.  But two of them are more practical in owning and maintaining.  Though it would be interesting in seeing your comments as to what one I’d LOVE to live in, and what one I’d actually have.

Here they are in no particular order…

House 1House 2House 3House 4House 5House 6

Can’t wait to read all your comments.

Until then, xoxo


New look and feel

Ok, yes, I’ve done it again.  I’ve changed things up on this site.  Well I got bored, and you know what happens when I get bored, I fidget.  So with the help of a friend, I gave it a new name.  Though the theme was of my choosing, but I always get stuck in naming this site when I change things up.

Plus I added in a new feature – Email Subscription option.  Yes, you can get emails now of any new posts I make come directly to your inbox.  Now you won’t get lost into what I’m doing from day to day.

So sit back and enjoy the blogs I post in here.


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