Well I guess there won’t be a “thoughts of” for today as I didn’t have a notepad ready for when I sat down to watch Doctor Who last night.  So I’ll make it a point to have pencil and paper ready for when I’m watching anything on TV.

Though, in saying that, I’ll also be doing my “thoughts of” on movies.  And that could be on ones I own, not only the ones in theaters.  If you want to read my thoughts on a certain movie in theaters, you’ll be waiting an awfully long time, 🙂  So I’ll stick to the ones I have already.

Then comes the review of things I’ve read.  From actual hard or soft cover books, to e-books and even ones written by friends and acquaintances.  And in fact I’m waiting on one now to read and give my thoughts on.  So I’m excited and nervous on that one.

Plus, I could also give you updates as to how I’m doing with my own novel.  But that depends on how many comments I get back.

Until then, XO


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