The Listener – From The Beginning

I’m enjoying Saturday’s even more now.  Mainly cause they show the series The Listener right from the beginning.  Yes, I mean season 1.  It airs on CTV2 at 8:30pm (Newfoundland time), so my weekends just got a bit more awesome.

In a repeat of the series opener, Toby envisions a fiery car crash.  Yep, that’s going back a ways now huh?  Considering they are now in the starting stages of filming season 3 of this awesome series.  And when I seen this episode, and seen how young Craig Olejnik was, I thought, WOW, so young and still so good looking.  LOL

Right from the start though, I felt for Toby.  He’s got this ability and can’t or won’t tell anyone.  Especially Olivia (Mylene Dinh-Robic), of whom you can tell is a spark with them already.  I’d love to have that ability.  To be able to hear people’s thoughts.  Well some thoughts I guess I’d leave alone, but to help the police with cases that’s gone cold.  Or missing persons, especially the kids.  That always hits me more.  I guess cause I have 2 kids of my own.  I can put myself in the parents’ place and would want anyone who could help, helping.

Though, like Toby, I guess I’d feel that no one would believe me either.  Or would there be anyone I could really trust.  Now there’s something for you all to ponder.  If you had this ability, who would you trust with such a secret?  But in this episode, even Oz (Ennis Esmer) doesn’t have a clue to Toby’s “talent”.

In this episode though, things don’t really connect until the middle onward as to what the woman and her son had to do with it.  It wasn’t until Toby came across a car that was left there across from the Daycare center of where the woman drops off her son, that it clicked.  One cop basically shoots and kills his own partner.  Now the reasoning for it was never made clear, but it didn’t matter.

Now Toby had to find a way to inform the police without making it look like he’s connected.  I have to give it to Toby, he was slick.  Pulling little pieces here and there to make it sound convincing.

Now because Saturday’s shows this series from the very beginning, I will be writing on the newer ones as well when they air at a later date.  So I  hope not to confuse anyone out there.  But for the fans of the show, I doubt you’ll get confused.  Just to write on a show that we all got to love is best of all.

This is not going to be a long winded post either, this will be my thoughts on each episode.  The good points and the bad.  Like any good write up, you have the good points that you want to read about, but there’s also the critic type that is also needed to help make a good debate.  Writing on both the sides is what I’ll be doing.  And I hope to get feedback on this idea.

I will end this now on a good note.  Toby saves the day as usual.  The mother and son are reunited and safe and the bad cop got what was coming to him.  Hope you enjoyed my first “thoughts on” blog.  Leave me a comment below, or you can find me on twitter.

Thanks for stopping by, until next time.



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