My thoughts on Terra Nova: Genesis

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First thought.  WOW.  So futuristic looking, everyone wearing breathing masks when they are outside.  Hmm, I guess our beautiful planet has been abused worse then what it is now.  Something to look forward too I guess.  How lovely.

With the planet as bad as what it is, I assume this is the reason for the population control of only having 2 kids per family.  That didn’t go well when one family was on suspesion of having a third one.  Cause the officers were tossing stuff around, it made the little one make a noise to give away her hiding place.  Oh oh.

With the Shannon family getting caught with a third child, and the dad attacking the officers to protect that child, he gets tossed in prison.  Though that to me seems a bit extreme, but that’s life with new rules.

It wasn’t until they got to the “new world” that things got interesting.  The first was when I heard Taylor, the head guy who is appointed peace keeper of sorts.  So he gets killed by the Navi in Avatar and then comes back to life to take up residence on Terra Nova.  Wonder how close both characters will be?

The scenery is nothing but fantastic.  Wonder where they are filming this show cause it looks great.  The special effects are beyond amazing.  It takes me back to the movie Jurassic Park when they would have Dr. Grant outside and seeing a huge Brachiosaurus rising up on it’s hind legs, feeding off a tree.  But to see Zoe picking up fallen branches from the huge dinosaurs feeding from outside the fence, it was so cute.

And the use of dinosaurs was interesting.  Even the new one they had as the main “bad guy”.  And no, it’s not the usual T-Rex or the Spinosaurus, this was a new one.  Sorry can’t remember the name of it, if anyone reading this can comment below with the nickname they gave it, would be awesome, thanks.

And then there’s Josh.  I swear he’s got issues.  Blaming his dad for not being there when he should have been instead of sent to prison.  Does he not remember that if his dad didn’t do what he done, that he would have lost his little sister?  Heaven knows what they would have done with her.  All cause they had a 3rd child instead of settling for the 2 they got.  Can you say a spoiled brat.  But that is my opinion.  Though on the light side, he did lighten up at the end.  Now maybe he’d listen to his dad more instead of being so rebellious.

I wish I had access to show you the awesome VFX.  And this is just the first episode!!  Not sure how they are going to top anything I’ve seen so far.  They have the rest of the season to blow my mind more.  But they got a new fan.  And speaking of fans.  I had to make a new column in TweetDeck for the hashtag #TerraNova, but I couldn’t follow it that well.  It was going nuts by people everywhere watching making their tweets as they were watching live!!  I was insane, I didn’t even get a chance to see who was saying what tweet, they were just flying.  Hopefully with this kind of response, that this show will do awesome in the ratings.

There’s so many characters in this series that u wanna love, others you wanna smack.  And then there’s others that just get on your last nerve that you wish that a dinosaur will just come up and eat them.  Like this one girl.  They were trapped in this vehicle of sorts and the dinosaurs surrounding them, and all she was doing was freaking screaming and panicking.  I really wanted someone to just knock her out to shut her up.  She ends up leaving the somewhat protection of the SUV (least that’s what I’m calling it), and ends up getting attacked.  Well DUH!!  But rescue came, found her and took her back to the safety of the compound, while the rest of them went to find the rest of the kids.

With the kids found, they rush back to Terra Nova.  All safe and sound.  Though when Taylor got out of the SUV and just stood there facing this dinosaur, I thought,, “hmmm another one bites the dust, or a very big BBQ”.  The meat on that dinosaur will definitely feed the village for a month, if not more. 😀

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