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“My Thoughts On” Terra Nova: What Remains

Who would have thought getting a cold or flu will save you from loosing your mind?  LOL.  Well, that was the basis of this episode.  Now before you read any further, if you haven’t seen this episode yet, then stop now.  Otherwise keep going.  I may put in spoilers from time to time.  So you’ve been warned.

And I’m not going to write a long detailed review on any episode from this series.  I’ll leave that for other websites that want to do that.  This is just a site for me to get out my thoughts and opinions.  So let’s get to it…

Click to visit FOX.comThere was a science outpost a fair distance from the main settlement of Terra Nova, that no one heard from in a while.  So with Taylor (Stephen Lang) leading just a team of three, Dr. Elisabeth Shannon (Shelley Conn) and Brady (Terrence Mulling), they head off to investigate.

I believe this series is getting better and better as it goes on.  Unfortunately I missed the 2nd episode, but I found a way that I can see them.  Both FOX and CityTY has the episodes in full for you to watch.  Albeit, there’s a time limit as to how long they have them on their sites, so watch them as soon as you can.  It’s definitely worth it.

As for my thoughts, I was little disappointed in the lack of dinos, but then again, the ones that did make an appearance, were awesome.  Though, I had to giggle in the beginning part.  Thought of Jurassic Park all over again.  With a slight difference.  In the movie, the T-Rex was curious of the lawyer sitting on the outdoors toilet before eating him.  In this episode, the scientist just lost his mind and didn’t know where he was and just stood there looking up at this thing looking down.  Then came the teeth as it faded into commercial.

Jim (Jason O’Mara) wanted to go with them.  Awwww, how cute, didn’t want to have his wife out of his sight for too long.  Then again, who can blame him.  They are tossed back 85 million years.  And on purpose!!!  Did they not think of the Ice Age era?  Makes ya wonder how they plan on surviving through that one.

Well it didn’t take long for Elisabeth to figure out what happened.  Apparently the lead scientist was trying to come up with a cure for Alzheimer.  Unfortunately, that lead to something else.  They started to forget and go back to a pivotal time in their past.  Not sure if it was the same time period for everyone, but for Elisabeth, it was 20 years she lost.

Taylor got infected too and thought he was back in Somalia on some sort of mission.  Just what they needed, a trigger happy lunatic on the loose. 🙂  But to give him credit where credit is due, I like this character more then I did in Avatar.  Mr. Lang plays a bad guy very well, which is nice to see him portray Taylor.  Yes, he’s a military man and he has to have some sort of edge.  But he also shows that there’s a soft side to Taylor too.

Getting concerned that no one has heard from Taylor, Jim decides to go out to the outpost to see what’s happened.  He meets up with a friend of his, Malcolm Wallace (Rod Hallett) to ask for Malcolm’s rover.  Of course Malcolm wasn’t going to let Jim go alone.  The two men went off.  But not before Malcolm gave Jim some sort of root to chew on due to his cold.  This we will find out is a good thing to have.  The root on the other hand, I guess someone forgot to pack the Buckleys, LOL

In the end it came down to Jim sneezing again to give Elisabeth the idea to see why or how he hasn’t gone mad.  It was either the root, or the fact that Jim had the flu, either way, she went to work.

With everything gone back to normal – sort of – they all went about their usual jobs and learned from this situation.

Click to visit and follow me on TwitterAnyway, I hope you all enjoyed my thoughts.  Come again when I have even more to write, both the good and the critical.  Please feel free to leave a comment, click on the buttons below to share my blog, or you can nab me on twitter by clicking on my avatar on the right.

Until next time.  XO


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