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What a day.

Well today was the day of the walk – Active for Autism.  And it turned out to be a great day for it too.  It was cloudy at first, and a tad bit cold, but the sun came out just before the walk actually began and it started to warm up.

We got up, had our breakfast and had to go to hubby’s work to pick up another sponsor’s money.  We had to catch her before she started her day.  At this point, we didn’t have Brett with us.  It was just the 3 of us.  Brett was with my parents for the weekend, so they had to get up early and bring him in for the walk.  They also sponsored us as well.

I filled out the sponsor form as Ford Family, as it was all of us doing the walk this year.  Next year it will be different, I will get as many sheets as I can print off and hand out for family to help us out.  And knowing my mom and my inlaws, they can get loads for us out there.

Though, we didn’t do that bad.  We got $247 in sponsor money.  There were prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the most collected.  Someone collected over $800.  How awesome is that?

Pipers was our presenting sponsor this year.  Well they are every year, but this time they had a cheque for $7,500.  It’s going to be awesome to see just how much we got in total.

I got a picture of Brett and Denise in their shirts.  I won’t be posting them anywhere though.  A select few will get to see it.  They had a great time.  Although, Denise found the walk too slow.  We were about half way done the walk and that’s when hubby and Denise decided to jog the rest.  LOL.  Not sure that was the smartest idea he had, but it made her happy.  Maybe next year, Denise and I will sign up for the run and let hubby and Brett walk it. 🙂

After we were done the walk, and I heard Denise shout out for us, I thought of some people to get a shirt for.  Unfortunately, they didn’t have any shirts left.  So I put my name down in case there’s a few others who want to order some shirts as well.

Well after the prizes were given out, we headed back home again.  Can’t wait for next year.

Until next time, xo


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