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Here, There & Everywhere…

This post may take a while for me to write as I’m taking breaks from my usual stuff – housework.  LOL  But in the end, it will make for a good read.  I hope, 🙂

Well for one thing, I can’t seem to start my day without turning on Twitter.  For some reason I just have to be that noise and see what everyone has been talking about.  Yes, I love a good gossip every now and again.

Plus, having my email opened up for any exciting things that I should be made aware of.  Which today is mainly Scifi on the Rock stuff.  Not saying a word on any of it, just know that it’s going to be awesome.  And if you’re in the city, it’s a MUST SEE event.  I’m on the committee, so when there’s any news that I can post, I will.

Then there’s an interview I’m getting ready for.  Actually I have 3 coming up soon.  And before you ask “WHO?”, I’m not saying.  You will have to wait and see when I post them up.  Yes, I love to tease. LOL.

Made a salad for my lunch.  Turned out alright, though, next time leave out the mozza cheese.  The cheddar was enough.  And considering I put in three-cheese ranch flavor, having a cheese overload at the moment.

And with all the stuff I’ve been trying to get done today, I missed both my favorite shows.  Stargate SG-1 AND Atlantis.  *facepalm*  Oh well, I’ll get to see them later.  They will repeat again 2 more times yet, so all’s good.

Then there’s the trip hubby and I are planning for in March.  I’m so excited.  I got his suitcase already packed.  Well sort of, just have to add in his sandals.  Once I find them, lol.  But for the most part, his is done.  And I got most of mine done as well.  Just waiting for my new swimsuit to come in the mail.  Had to go on eBay to look for one as all the stores here got their Summer stuff packed away for the year.  Should have gotten it a few weeks ago when they had them all marked down.  But oh well,, live and learn.

I think I will end this one now.  If anything comes up later, I’ll just tweet it.  Or make notes for tomorrow’s blog.

Until then.  XO


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