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This is the first of many, I hope, of my reviews and thoughts on The Listener Episodes.  I realize that it’s been a couple weeks since the actual premiere of season 3, and that the next episode has already aired, but I needed to make sure that I give this series justice on the awesome talents of everyone involved.


First of all, I want to say what an amazing job the cast, crew and especially the writers have done on this series so far.  With each show, it just gets better and better.

With the first 2 episodes already aired, things seems to have taking a different shape from when they left things off on season 2.  For 1, it’s more Toby and the IIB oriented, instead of Toby and Oz off to save the day.  Well more Toby, but at least Ox was always there.  I hope with Toby being on the IIB payroll that he’s going to concentrate more on the crime part and forget about the paramedic side.

And from watching the 2nd episode, it appears that’s the path it’s taking.  Although, Toby seems to be gaining more abilities then just reading minds.  Now for some reason, his mind reading isn’t perfect and you can’t totally go by what he “reads”.  Apparently now he only “sees” what the person is thinking at the time.  Which doesn’t help matters if Michelle and Dev arrest someone that Toby “thought” was the bad guy.  But now he seems to have the ability to see into the future.  Even for just a little bit.  As if his telepathy wasn’t bad enough, now he’s got this new power to add to it.

But I felt bad for poor Oz.  Here he is, coming to work day in and day out and not sure if he will have Toby with him or not.  Though, just a thought for everyone at the network, if Oz is looking for a new partner, I’d love to be it.  Just saying, 🙂

Then there’s Oz and Sandy.  Yes, they are finally together as a couple, but now another let down.  Sandy is going to Africa.  She applied a while back, I think after her divorce was final, cause it was something she’s always wanted to do.  She told Oz to see how they both feel for each other when she gets back.  Of course when he asked her how long that would be, the look on her face was answer enough.  I’m guessing she’s going for the full year.  What do you think???  I swear Oz can’t get a break when it comes to a relationship.  I just hope that things works out good in the end for those two. 

Then there’s Olivia.  So far she’s hardly been in the season.  We got to see her a little in the first episode, then again in the second.  I hope to see more of her soon.  She needs more screen time. 🙂

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my little post.  Thank you for popping by IN THE KNOW.  Please do share it by clicking on the tabs below.  You can leave me a message as well.  Or you can find me on Twitter.

Be sure to catch the next episode on Wednesday, June 13th @ 10/9C on CTV – Curtain Call.  When the life of a superstar performer is threatened, Toby poses as her assistant to watch her back and help the IIB special ops unit investigate.

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