My Thoughts on The Listener 305 “Rogue’s Gallery”. Plus a sneak peek of “She Sells Sanctuary”.

The cast of The Listener

Welcome back THE LISTENER fans !!!

Click to visit“At a swanky hotel bar, Michelle intercepts Luke “Manny” Manson, a renowned art thief she’s been pursing for years. His return to Toronto can only mean he’s involved in an upcoming heist and she plans to use his capture to the IIB’s advantage – to smash a huge international theft ring.”  Quoted by CTV.

Click here to visit Shaftesbury FilmsI’m going to thank the great folks at Shaftesbury Films for the use of the pictures.  If it wasn’t for help, this post would be a tad boring.  So a big thank you for the pictures so far, and for future ones.  You are all awesome.

Now on to the reason why you’re all here.  Rogue’s Gallery.  I was able to finally watch this episode on Sunday evening at home.  I tried to watch this initially at my in-law’s house while on holidays, but for some reason it wasn’t on their TV.  Which I was very disappointed in.  I dislike missing an episode of my favorite series.  But I would have only watched it on the CTV website anyway.

The Listener: Episode 5: Rogue's Gallery.

Art thief Whelan (James Allodi) and Sergeant Michelle McCluskey (Lauren Lee Smith) break into an art auction house. Photo by Steve Wilkie

Michelle done a great job with her new job description – art thief.  And with the help of Dev, she went from cop to tech geek.  Although, I have to commend her, I wouldn’t have been able to remember all that techno babble she had to, to convince the big time art thieves that she was just like them.

The Listener: Episode 5: Rogue's Gallery.

Sergeant Michelle McCluskey (Lauren Lee Smith), undercover as a security specialist, disarms the security on a painting. Photo by Steve Wilkie

This is a great look for Michelle.  I’m liking the leather look, gives her a different appearance then the dress clothes we are used to seeing her in.  I hope to see more of this from Michelle.  It’s nice to change your look every once in a while.  Makes things more interesting when you do. 🙂

The Listener: Episode 5: Rogue's Gallery.

Manny (Chad Faust), an art thief. Photo by Steve Wilkie

When I first seen this guy I thought that “he’s hiding something.”  It’s one of those situations where you can almost figure out who is really who.  Although, he did elude Michelle real good.  If you remember the way they figured out who he really was, and the use of the word “butterfly”, it was done very well. 

And keeping with that thought, I done a search on the meaning of a butterfly.  To my avail, there’s so many different meanings of it, but they mainly all come back to “change”.  Not only did Manny “change” from who Michelle knew him as to the guy she was trying to nail for all the stolen art, but this episode is like a change from how the series will turn out.  Toby seems to be moving away from the paramedic part of how he started and moving on to the crime part.  Leaving poor Oz (Ennis Esmer) to more or less fend for himself.  Even though Oz is acting supervisor while Ryder is away.

And what a good job he done too.  Well except for the part where he searched a locker without proper notification.  He brings such comic relief to the show.  One of the best qualities about the character.

Then we have Dr. Fawcett (Mylene Dinh-Robic).  I was happy to see her in this one.  A little longer then the last episode, but still nice to see.  She had a patient who had dementia and was calling her his dead wife.  It was cute, but I can’t help but wonder how common this disease is.

The Listener: Episode 5: Rogue's Gallery.

Corporal Dev Clark (Rainbow Sun Francks) and Toby Logan (Craig Olejnik) try to contain a hostage situation at an art auction house.

I’m thinking this is going to be a common occurrence with these two.  Now don’t get me wrong, I miss the Toby and Oz pairing, but if the IIB is where Toby will be focusing towards, then this fits.  It’s going to be interesting to see how the rest of the series will turn out.  Bring on Season 4 !!!!!!!

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Until then. 🙂

But before I go, check out the clip for the up coming episode on Wednesday night (repeat on Sunday) “She Sells Sanctuary”. (check your local listings)


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