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The Year in Review.

This is a time to reflect on the past things I have posted in here. So what better time to do it then on New Years Eve?

2012 was a year where I grew into a better writer. At least I think I have. So let’s touch on what I’ve written about this past year.


Well, January I only wrote 1 post and that was some things I was in the process of doing or going to do. Well, I was in another fan-made film. Star Trek Reliant. It wasn’t so much as a movie as it was an episode that was part of a much bigger project that I ended up being apart of later in the year. I never did try and write the sequel to the story I wrote 4 YEARS AGO now, lol. But I am writing on a project. As for reading other books besides Stargate based, well, it’s a work in process, LOL

I can’t help it. I need my Stargate fix. LOL


I set up a new WordPress website to write about my personal thoughts. I wanted this site to look and feel more professional looking. So separating the two worked out great.

The other post I made for this month was a fundraiser for Scifi on the Rock. That was a fun night. A lot of talented people came to preform. If you were at the show, you’ll agree with me.


There was only one post for this month. This was when the idea and thought of writing a script came into being. Yes, the same bloody script I’ve been trying to write all this time. LOL. But I believe I’ll get it done. *cross fingers*.


April had a few things happening. First one was my interview with the amazing Gina Holden. I’ll be doing more of these I hope in 2013.

I also had the privilege to interview Fraser Aitcheson. He’s such a sweet guy to chat with. And quite handsome, 🙂

In April I got to introduce a new writer for the website. An awesome friend and just as insane as I am, Sandra Simpson. I’m hoping to add to the authors list for 2013 so stay tuned. 🙂


May was a busy month. With the announcement of The Listener returning to CTV. I can’t wait to start watching season 4 coming up soon. :). Then there’s the first post by Sandra about the SuperMoon we all experienced. Then there was my interview with the awesome Alaina Huffman. She’s such a doll. A wonderful lady to chat with. :).

Then there was the Beetlejuice production. I wasn’t able to attend this play by Hann-Made Productions, but I hope to get to any other ones that’s being planned for the future.

Then there was a chat with Craig Olejnik with the awesome people from Sea and Be Scene. They are based in Nova Scotia. I got their permission to host their chat on the site. To do otherwise would not be professional. It was a great chat to listen to.


This is when I started writing my thoughts on The Listener episodes. Sometimes I would have to write two episodes together in the one post. Being a mom full time, it’s not always easy to take the time and post on time. But the great people at Shaftesbury are very understanding. I realize I still have episodes I haven’t written on. But I hope to have them done before the start of season 4.


Pretty much this month was posts about The Listener episodes.


This month is no different. I’m thinking of changing things up as to how I’ll write my thoughts on season 4 this time around.


Apparently I had nothing to write about in this month.


This month I introduced a new website by a new friend I made thanks to Twitter. Sonia Gilmore is a great inspiration. I’m thankful to her in lots of ways.


This month is a blank as well. I’m going to rectify this in 2013.


The post I made this month was to help promote a great group of people who gives us scifi geeks and nerds a way to buy merchandise to look and feel like our mentors. Albeit, they don’t have anything Sanctuary related yet, but not for a lack of trying on my part. Like I’ve said in my other posts and tweets,, I can’t make this happen on my own. If there’s as many people out there fans of the show like you say you all are, then why haven’t you gone to AbbyShot‘s website and keep making a suggestion for some Sanctuary jackets??? Or clothing in general. If there’s no demand for them, there’s none to buy.

Click to visit IN THE KNOWI want to thank each and every one of you for visiting IN THE KNOW this past year. For sharing the links and making comments. I hope you all have a great New Year and are back again to share in the latest updates, interview & reviews for 2013.

Click to visit and follow me on TwitterGod bless.

Karen Ford.


Exclusive Interview with the beautiful Gina Holden

Welcome back readers.  Hope you like the new look.  And with a new look comes new things.  I have had the pleasure recently to interview the lovely and talented Ms. Gina Holden.  So sit back with a nice cuppa tea (or coffee if that’s your passion) and enjoy this lovely read.

Gina accepting her 2010 Eyegore AwardWhen I first heard of Gina Holden, was on Twitter when she followed me.  Unsure who she was (back then) I googled her name.  It was then that I realized she was on the TV show Blood Ties, then later on Flash Gordon.  Both great characters I’m sure, but her more recent work is what makes her eye catching.  And because of all her hard work and dedication in the horror genre, she’s won a 2010 Eyegore Award.  One of many, of that I’m sure.   Anyway,, let’s get on with the interview.  Hope you all enjoy it.

KF:  You have been a very busy woman. Is there anything you’re allowed to tell us in what you have been doing?

GH:  Where to begin! It’s been a very busy year! Lots of personal changes, as well as a busy pilot season. So I’ve been juggling personal things with 2 castings/day plus testing, etc. Also having guest starred in Fringe this year was a highlight. It was a fantastic time.

KF:  With all the roles you’ve played, what one was your favorite? And what one was your least favorite? 

Aliens vs Predators RequiemGH:  Looking back is too difficult to choose. Each and every role had been a gift and led me onto something else, is some way shape or form. I’m fortunate to only have had one challenging personality to deal with my entire career. But I’m so grateful for all it taught me. It prepared me for a side of the industry I had not yet been exposed to. So it, ironically is the experience I am most grateful for! And, I have to make mention of the Haunting Hour team, producers and crew. It’s my favorite production to work on. It’s like going home every time I join them for an episode!

KF:  Is there a tv show or movie that you would have loved to have been apart of?

GH:  Great question. But all of my favorite movies/shows are fantastic with the cast that helped make them great…know what I mean? But if I had to choose, I would have loved to be a part of “Running on Empty”. Or anything Star Wars related!

KF:  Do you watch your own performances? And do you say, “oh I could have done that better.”?

Gina Holden on Blood TiesGH:  I do watch my projects! But I try not to pick them apart. I put my heart and soul into everything I do, so to go back and want to change it, takes away from the process and what I was going thru at that time. It’s easy to pick yourself apart, but again, what good does it do? I certainly learn from every performance I give, and hope to continue to grow and always be better. However it is really neat looking back at my earlier work, and watching my growth over the years. I was so green and naive! It’s pretty special to see. I’m very grateful for everyone that has helped me over the years. From directors, to fellow cast and crew. We are all part of the process.

KF:  On Twitter, you talk about Coco, she’s cute by the way, does she go everywhere with you? Or is there someone you leave her with when you have to fly to your next job?

GH:  Coco Freebird is the best! She is a crazy little Manchester Terrier and comes with me everywhere! She has taught me so much about patience! LOL. She has so much energy and is different that other dogs. She needs full time care and a ton of exercise, so my full time job is caring for her. And I love every minute of it! She is not a good flyer, so if I fly to a location, she stays with family.

Click here to connect with Gina Holden on TwitterKF:  Speaking of which, how are you liking Twitter?

GH:  Twitter is a great way to connect with fans and friends. It is really fun. It can however be abused and used for negative things, so I make it private if I’m feeling violated in any way. But for the most part, it’s lovely and I am so grateful for the tremendous support I have with my twitter family. It’s really great.

KF:  Do or have you done many conventions? Any funny or weird stories to tell?

GH:  I have done a couple! and can’t say I have any crazy stories! I love cons and any that I’ve been to, I’m just as weird as anyone else there! We are a special breed, and I love being part of the scifi genre for that reason. It has the most passionate engaged fans, and I am one myself. I have a cool SAW event coming up this year…that’s going to be fun!!

KF:  If you didn’t become an actress, what job could you see yourself doing?

GH:  Before I ever acted, I did many jobs! I always knew this was what I wanted to do, but being a bit of an over achiever, I wanted to make sure I had my college education, and other work experiences, before I went fully in the direction of my dream. Graduating college is one of my greatest achievements. I love fashion, business and there are many other things I could see myself doing. But if I had to pick something more specific, I would say producing. It is amazing because it allows me to enjoy a different side of a business I am already familiar with.

Gina HoldenKF:  What advice would you give someone just starting out or wanting to get into the industry?

GH:  Do it only because you love it. Not for some money lottery or fame. You will be very disappointed if that’s your motivation. Make smart choices, and always work hard. Never take for granted how much work it takes every single day. If you are comfortable, you aren’t working hard enough.

KF:  What message would you like to say to your many fans reading this?

GH:  Thank you. Sincere, humble thanks for sticking with me, supporting me and pushing me to always do better. I don’t take any of this for granted and I could not do it without all the support I have in my life from fans, family and friends. Thank you.

KF:  Is there a fan mail address where people could write to you?

GH:  Fans can find me on twitter “holdentome” or write to my agency. Address on my official site “ginaholden.net

KF:  You probably answered this in other interviews, but is there a charity that you’re involved with or give to?

GH:  I work with many different charities. But I volunteer a lot with the food bank. I am very open to many different causes, but not attached to any one specifically. I just keep my eyes and ears open, and help out where I can.

KF:  Are there any little tidbits you’d like to share with us? Likes or dislikes, pet peeves, accomplishments and goals.

GH:  Likes: being outdoors with coco
           dislikes: SMOKING
           pet peeves: nail biting/chewing!
          Accomplishments: all of my successes and my failures-couldn’t have one without the other!
          goals: the sky the limit.

I wish to thank you all for taking the time to visit IN THE KNOW.  And especially I’d love to thank Ms. Gina Holden for granting me this wonderful opportunity to aid in getting to know her just a little bit more.  Thanks Gina, you’re awesome!! xo

Karen Ford

Besides twitter and her official website mentioned above, you can also leave her a message on her official FaceBook page.

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