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The Year in Review.

This is a time to reflect on the past things I have posted in here. So what better time to do it then on New Years Eve?

2012 was a year where I grew into a better writer. At least I think I have. So let’s touch on what I’ve written about this past year.


Well, January I only wrote 1 post and that was some things I was in the process of doing or going to do. Well, I was in another fan-made film. Star Trek Reliant. It wasn’t so much as a movie as it was an episode that was part of a much bigger project that I ended up being apart of later in the year. I never did try and write the sequel to the story I wrote 4 YEARS AGO now, lol. But I am writing on a project. As for reading other books besides Stargate based, well, it’s a work in process, LOL

I can’t help it. I need my Stargate fix. LOL


I set up a new WordPress website to write about my personal thoughts. I wanted this site to look and feel more professional looking. So separating the two worked out great.

The other post I made for this month was a fundraiser for Scifi on the Rock. That was a fun night. A lot of talented people came to preform. If you were at the show, you’ll agree with me.


There was only one post for this month. This was when the idea and thought of writing a script came into being. Yes, the same bloody script I’ve been trying to write all this time. LOL. But I believe I’ll get it done. *cross fingers*.


April had a few things happening. First one was my interview with the amazing Gina Holden. I’ll be doing more of these I hope in 2013.

I also had the privilege to interview Fraser Aitcheson. He’s such a sweet guy to chat with. And quite handsome, 🙂

In April I got to introduce a new writer for the website. An awesome friend and just as insane as I am, Sandra Simpson. I’m hoping to add to the authors list for 2013 so stay tuned. 🙂


May was a busy month. With the announcement of The Listener returning to CTV. I can’t wait to start watching season 4 coming up soon. :). Then there’s the first post by Sandra about the SuperMoon we all experienced. Then there was my interview with the awesome Alaina Huffman. She’s such a doll. A wonderful lady to chat with. :).

Then there was the Beetlejuice production. I wasn’t able to attend this play by Hann-Made Productions, but I hope to get to any other ones that’s being planned for the future.

Then there was a chat with Craig Olejnik with the awesome people from Sea and Be Scene. They are based in Nova Scotia. I got their permission to host their chat on the site. To do otherwise would not be professional. It was a great chat to listen to.


This is when I started writing my thoughts on The Listener episodes. Sometimes I would have to write two episodes together in the one post. Being a mom full time, it’s not always easy to take the time and post on time. But the great people at Shaftesbury are very understanding. I realize I still have episodes I haven’t written on. But I hope to have them done before the start of season 4.


Pretty much this month was posts about The Listener episodes.


This month is no different. I’m thinking of changing things up as to how I’ll write my thoughts on season 4 this time around.


Apparently I had nothing to write about in this month.


This month I introduced a new website by a new friend I made thanks to Twitter. Sonia Gilmore is a great inspiration. I’m thankful to her in lots of ways.


This month is a blank as well. I’m going to rectify this in 2013.


The post I made this month was to help promote a great group of people who gives us scifi geeks and nerds a way to buy merchandise to look and feel like our mentors. Albeit, they don’t have anything Sanctuary related yet, but not for a lack of trying on my part. Like I’ve said in my other posts and tweets,, I can’t make this happen on my own. If there’s as many people out there fans of the show like you say you all are, then why haven’t you gone to AbbyShot‘s website and keep making a suggestion for some Sanctuary jackets??? Or clothing in general. If there’s no demand for them, there’s none to buy.

Click to visit IN THE KNOWI want to thank each and every one of you for visiting IN THE KNOW this past year. For sharing the links and making comments. I hope you all have a great New Year and are back again to share in the latest updates, interview & reviews for 2013.

Click to visit and follow me on TwitterGod bless.

Karen Ford.


My Highlights of 2011

I got this idea from a friend of mine when reading her blog.  With a slight difference is that I shall write about the highlights of my 2011.  Though, I’m not sure weather to write from present to past, or vice versa.  Or to mix it all up from what I remember most of all in my 2011 year.  I guess I could go with the most memorable, which sounds more appealing.

Me and MyleneThe first thing that comes to mind for my most memorable is when I got to meet up with Mylene Dinh-Robic from The Listener.  She was here filming a guest spot on Republic of Doyle back in August.  I wrote all about our adventure here if you want to go back and read the whole thing again.  It was a day that will never be forgotten and forever treasured.  My daughter, Denise, loves her to pieces and I think the same flows from Mylene as well.  She even used the picture of her and Mylene as part of her school project, “Favorite moment” or something like that.  I bet she’s still talking about it to whoever listens, LOL.  Mylene, you’re a one of a kind darlin’.  You have this essence that flows from you to whoever or whatever you touch and I’m honored to call you my friend.  And yes, I teared up when I typed that, 🙂

Me and David Nykl at Scifi on the RockMy other awesome thing that happened to me was back in April, when David Nykl came here for our convention, Scifi on the Rock.  He was so funny and just a joy to talk to.  But what I will remember most of all was when I asked him if he minded if I get a picture of him with my daughter.  I told him how old she was and that depending on the content, she watches Stargate Atlantis with me.  He agreed, so when my hubby came by with the kids, I took Denise inside.  I would have told them all to come in, but we were on a time limit as it was.  So holding onto Denise’s hand, we hurried to where I last seen David.  He was still there watching the costume contest.  So we grabbed a couple of chairs and put them next to each other.  She was nervous at first, wanted me in the picture.  Maybe I should have, but I wanted her to have her moment with him.  I had mine from the day before.  I got her to be a little less nervous when I told her that “this is Zelenka, from Atlantis, remember?”  Of course David smiled.  She relaxed a bit, gave a cute smile and I took the shot.  With that, I told him thank you and hope he has a safe trip home.  He’s a good hugger, 😉  Mike Savva was there to same convention, so with our chats from the weekend, I gave him a hug and told him to have a safe flight home.  Then Denise and I left to head back to the truck.

Of course now that she’s seen where I go every year, she wants to come to the next one.  Oh oh, what have I done ?! LOL.  But it’s all good, I’m on the committee now.  Which brings me to my next highlight.

Yes, after 2 years of Darren asking me, I’ve joined the Scifi on the Rock convention committee.  What an awesome bunch of people that you will ever get to meet.  And I’ve also helped with a guest who will be coming to April 2012’s convention.  So how cool is that?

The Sci-Fi ZoneThough this next one is still an on-going project but it started up back in October.  That is the new Scifi talk show created by Darren Hann, named by a friend of mine from the UK and hosted by yours truly, ME !! *Facepalm*  The name of the show is The Sci-Fi Zone and it’s filmed here in Mount Pearl at a gaming center – Midgard Gaming.  When I was asked by Darren to help get the word out for his previous production – Dracula, he told me that “I have plans for you.”  Which coming from him can be scarey.  But in a good way, it’s just that you never know what he’s got going on in his head.  He’s so creative when it comes to filming ideas, that he does make it loads of fun to work on.  When I was asked to be apart of  his Stargate – Doctor Who cross-over, that in itself was interesting, I just couldn’t pass it up.  I had that much fun filming that one, that I ended up with 2 different characters to play.  Sorry, getting off topic a bit,, back to the show, LOL.  I was so nervous when we filmed the first 6 webisodes (first 3 are on YouTube already), that now we will be filming 6 more in the first week of January.  So if you have any ideas as to what topics you would like to see us chat up about, feel free to send your comments to thescifizone@gmail.com, or you can just make a comment below this post.  But as time went on, you will see that I’m relaxing a bit more.  So hopefully where time has gone by a little, I will continue on with the fun and laughter and witty topics that it will be enjoyable to watch.

During Easter, a friend of mine from the UK came here for another visit.  Though, this time she brought her daughter with her.  Unfortunately the weather wasn’t cooperating at all, plus Brett ended up getting sick.  We all went to my hubby’s work, they had a Easter party for the kids, so with our guests in tow, we went to it.  The girls were having a great time, unfortunately, we ended up having to leave my friend there at the Delta, with the 2 girls so we could rush Brett to the hospital.  With that many tests they done, and ended up having to stay in the hospital for the night, I felt so bad that my friend came all this way and I was in hospital.  I know she didn’t mind, she knows I’d do the same for her, but this was her daughters first trip here and it ended up starting off crappy.  But needless to say, Brett ended up just being dehydrated so had to keep pumping in the water or some sort of juice into him.  So now, I have a glass of water on the table for him.  That way, every time he passes by, he’ll take a sip.  But it was scarey and one I won’t have being repeated ever again.

Then there’s my new twitter friends.  Three of them are in the entertainment industry.  And in three different genres.  One if i’m having a bad day will DM me, another I skype with when the timing is right, and the other listens to my rants.  Albeit, I think they each get their share in that one, LOL, sorry guys, but I love you all for caring that much about me to ask if I’m ok.  I’ll treasure each of you. XO.  Though, twitter is a place where I like to have a bit of fun, but I am professional when I need to be.  Especially when trying to line up new guests for our convention.

I think that’s the biggest things that I wanted to recap on.  I’m not going to do no New Years Resolution cause I don’t follow through with it.  Instead I’ll just say I’ll TRY to write in here as often as I can.  Until then, I’ll end this with this: I wish you all a great day, a joyous Christmas and a safe and wonder New Year.



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