Another hectic but fun day.

This is another day that I was so excited to arrive.  And now it’s here!!!

The main reason is the fact that not only am I meeting up with a new friend again, but I get to interview her as well.  I’m so unprepared for it though.  I’m still writing out questions for her, LOL.  But I’m sure I’ll have enough to cover everything I need to cover.

And for those of you who haven’t read my last blog, then you missed out on a fabulous adventure.  And the person I’m interviewing today is that very person from that day.  Yeppers, it’s Mylene!!!!  Plus this interview will be a video one.  One I’m doing all on my own.  The very first one for me.

I mean, I’ve done interviews before, but they were through skype, and all you heard was my voice.  And it was with Mr. Kenn Weeks, the owner of WormholeRiders News Agency website.  This is an actual visual one.  Let me tell ya, me nerves are up there, but no worries, I have my tetley tea. LOL.

Plus I got a surprise for my her as well.  You will know later today in my next blog, with pictures, of what that surprise is.

Oh and if you’re wondering on when and where I’ll see the interview, it will be posted on the WormholeRiders News Agency website sometime next week (click on the NEWS BLOG tab under the video opener).  But, no worries, I’ll let ya all know when it’s up for viewing pleasure.

Well, that’s it for now, I better head off and actually get some things done before I have to go.  Thanks for popping by.

Blog again soon.

Karen, xo


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