Another Awesome Day!!!

I know I’m a couple of days late in writing this one, but I needed time to recap things in my head first before posting it.

This post sets for Wednesday, 24th of August.  Interview day.  Though I made a status comment on my facebook that I was a bit nervous about an interview I was having that day, and people thought it was for a job. 🙂  Whoopsie, had to clarify that it was an interview I was conducting with an actress from The Listener (who I can be honored to call her a good friend).

Well on Monday ( the 22nd) I arranged for a babysitter to watch Brett for me so I can do my interview with little interruptions.  Although, the word babysitter isn’t really the best word as Brett is 13.  Care taker sounds better.  Anyway, that was in place for the day, I just had to get the rest of my housework done before I had to leave.

I still didn’t have a clue where I was going to take Mylene for the interview.  I didn’t want it inside, as it was a lovely sunny day.  I wanted it outside in the fresh air.  So as I kept thinking on a location, I called another friend who could help me out.  He suggested a couple of places, but ended up going somewhere else.  Sorry Darren, lol.

Anyway, the interview was set for 1pm-ish.  Well that was the time I had to meet up with Mylene, then to head to a location, set up the camera.  All good stuff. 🙂

So, time was getting close for me to leave and I still hadn’t eaten yet.  I managed to get the last bit of the dishes done, told Brett that Hayley was here to stay with him for a bit, gave her my cell in case it might be needed, then I was out the door.

Now before I left the driveway, I double checked that I had everything I was gonna need.  Camera – check, video camera – check, pictures – check, folder of questions – check, writing markers – check, food – oh oh.  Knew there was something I forgot to do.  *face palm*

Oh well, I’ll get something to eat later.  I think I was more nervous doing the interview with Mylene then I was for our first meeting on Saturday, 🙂

Anyway, met up with Mylene and headed off to a park that’s not that far from where we were – Bannerman Park.  And what an awesome day we had too.  Sun was out, nice warm breeze, just beautiful.  We found a nice place to start, then we started recording.  The interview itself will be posted on WormholeRiders News Agency website, with some tweeking and editing to do, but should be up sometime next week.  Will keep ya posted.

So the interview was done.  I was happy with it, but most of all, I hoped that Mylene was happy with it.  On the way back to the truck, I asked her if she wanted to surprise Paul at work.  She was so excited and we hurried to the truck to catch up with him.

On the way to see Paul, she mentioned that someone had told her that there’s a place she can go, close to Cape Spear, where she can dip her feet in the Atlantic Ocean.  I was opt for that, and the fact that I took my camera for those “cool moments” we were both hyped.

We got to the parking lot to surprise Paul and one of his bosses was just entering the door.  The look on his face when Mylene stuck her head out the window and shouted out for him was hilarious.  I put the truck in park and called out if Paul was close by.  He said yep and went to get him.  The coolest thing was when Paul walked out the door and seen Mylene running up to him giving him a hug.  He was on a small break anyway, so we caught him at a good time.

We chatted a bit, some about the interview, but then Paul was talking about his day so far.  Hectic isn’t the word.  He works his arse off down there with very little (if any) compliments.  I knows I couldn’t do it.  I’d be fired or have quit in about 5 minutes.  And that’s being generous, LOL.

Then Paul had to head back inside.  We told him of our plan, but where he was off in an hour, wasn’t sure if we’d have time to go to Cape Spear, tip our toes in the ocean and get back.  So Paul suggested going to Quidi Vidi.  Another nice place to drive through, providing you don’t speed, or drive anything too big.  The roads there are so narrow, and I mean narrow.  You can have 3 people stretching out their hands from one side of the road to the other.

We got to our destination, parked the truck, and took a couple of pictures.  Sorry, Mylene has the pictures from this one.  Then we went to walk down the path so we can get a pic of her dipping in the water, but there was a chain going across the driveway with a sign, No Trespassing.  Well that was disappointing.  I really wanted to get a picture of her in the Altantic.  Maybe next time she visits, 😉

But after we left Paul from his work, and before we got to Quidi Vidi, we stopped at Tim Horton’s for a bit of lunch.  We stopped at the lake (Quidi Vidi lake) and ate our sandwiches.

You know how some people when you “talk” to them in chatrooms or on twitter that you kinda get a sense of who and what they are like?  Well after our initial meeting on Saturday, I felt that I knew Mylene for years.  That’s how amazing she is.  We just sat there in the truck and just chatted.  It felt like catching up with an old friend and talking about your day.  She made me feel so comfortable that I found myself just talking about everything and anything.  Mostly personal things.  It was great to have that connection, and above all, to have her as a friend.  And just typing that is a WOW moment for me.  Not only can I say that I’ve meet another awesome celebrity, but I can call her my friend.

Anyway, moving on.  We were on the road again and I get a call from Paul.  Mylene asks to answer it, so I gave her my phone.  It was so funny, I still chuckle at that.  Then seconds later he calls back again.  We had time to go pick him up first, then drop Mylene off where she was staying.

After exchanging hugs again, we drove off home.  Poor Hayley, she’s been there at the house with Brett all that time.  Luckily I had some money in my purse, had to give her something for her time.  She wasn’t going to take it at first, but I insisted.  It was the least I could do.  We chatted with her for a bit, then she had to head back over.  That gave us time to figure out dinner (supper to some of us).

In the end, yes, I got my own way.  We went out to City Light’s (the old Ponderosa on Topsail Rd.) and had a nice meal.  After that, we went home, it was almost 8pm.  The Listener was coming on at 9:30, so you knew where I’d be for that hour.  Unfortunately, knowing that this was Mylene’s last night here, it dawned on us that we didn’t get a picture of her with Brett.  DOH!!!

So I rushed on twitter and DM’d her to tell her our forgetfulness and asked if we could come down BEFORE the show came on (cause neither of us were missing that) and try and get a pic of the 2 of them together.  She was up for it, so we got ready and headed out again.  I felt bad bugging her, especially where this was her last night here and she had packing to get done before she left to go home.  But if we didn’t get it done, we would only hate ourselves later.  Plus if we didn’t, what happened during the photo shoot, and especially afterwards would not have happened.

We got inside the lobby of the hotel that was close by and found a nice place to get some pictures.  Some had a reflection from the flash on the wall behind them, so we moved to another spot.  Sort of the same thing, but getting better.  Then we found a nice spot, looking down over a restaurant they have there.  The last picture turned out the best as he just automatically put his arm around Mylene and a smile too.

Then we headed back to the truck, we wanted to see how well he could say her name.  So I got Brett’s attention and got up next to Mylene and asked, “Brett, who’s this?”  What happened next brought a tear to her eyes (and just about to mine too).  Getting his thought together to form the word, he answers, “Me, Me, Me, Melan.”  How awesome is that?

Then we hugged some more.  It was a good thing it was dark and no light post around, cause I started to cry.  Saying good-bye sucks, but I know I’ll see her again.  In some form or another.

Then we drove on home again.  Brett wasn’t long going to bed, and neither were we.  That was a long and exciting day.  With so much going on in the past 2 weeks really, I still think I’m going to wake up from this dream.

Well, I think this is the most I’ve ever written for one post, so I’ll end it here.

Mylene, you’re an amazing person and I’ll never forget how you accepted me and my family into your own.  Love you lots, xoxo

Till next time.

Cheers, xo


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